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Advanced Core Work w/ a Chair💪🏽Alrighty here's your 2nd version, this one is more advanced. Both versions are great, be proud of your activity level. Kick butt! . . 1️⃣Shifting Side Planks (feet stacked & flip all the way over onto sides) 12 Reps 2️⃣Knee Swing (bring knee in to same elbow then swing it to other side) 10 Reps ea Leg 3️⃣Knee Crunch (point legs Low to really feel lower abs) 12 Rep

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Beginner Seated Core Work. Tag someone who needs this!🙋🏽I'm tagging my mama & dad! (tagging them in my mind, b/c they don't have Insta😆but I make them do it) . Great for older adults or anyone needing really safe options. I'm using 3lb dbs. . 1️⃣Opp Knee to Elbow (10 Reps) 2️⃣Reach & Curl (10 Reps) 3️⃣Twists (10 Reps) 4️⃣Wood Chops (8 Reps ea Side) 5️⃣Knee Lifts (8 Reps) 6️⃣Reaches (10 Reps) .

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So my Dad just retired (tag or show an older adult in your life who needs this workout too)🙋🏽He's 63 years young & I wanted to create a workout for him to get him back into a regular exercise routine, he hasn't exercised regularly in quite some time. So here we go!💪🏽 . I suggest 2-8lb dumbbells . 1️⃣Squats (place feet a little wider than hip width, hold weights at shoulders or skip the weights all

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Yesterday I got in a quick workout in the gym at @whollywoodhotel I love getting in my workout when I travel, helps me get energized & ready to enjoy all the 🍔🍕🌮🍩🥂🍹🍾🤗😆 . 1️⃣Single Chest Press-works your core like crazy, you'll love it. 12 ea Side 2️⃣Squat Press-can be done w/ or w/out the bench. 12 Reps 3️⃣Bench Hops-12 Hops 4️⃣Toe Taps-can also do high knees. 20 Taps 5️⃣Mountain Climbers-20 Rep

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Doing one of my fav activities: eatin' 🤣😜😋A little behind the scenes at @whotels with @smartwater , having a lot of fun. I just want to say that I adore & appreciate all of you & I am spreading the word on how cool our My Trainer Carmen fitness community is, you guys rock, you support me, you ask amazing questions, you keep me loving my job, & you get my creative juices flowing! Thank you for bein

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Hot Houston nights call for cold @simpletruth4u #lowcow high protein, low calorie Ice Cream from @krogerco I indulged last night & it's seriously one of the best of these "fit ice creams" that I've ever tried, I got Salted Caramel & it'd actually tasted like caramel!😱🤤👍🏽 . #lowcow #ad #simpletruth #kroger #mytrainercarmen

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Attn: LA! 🙋🏽📣 I'm partnering w/ @smartwater & @whotels for a Workout at W Hollywood this Sunday! It's an invite only event BUT they're keeping 10 Spots open for any of you wonderful peeps who can & want to attend! RSVP, spots are filling up fast! I can't wait to meet some of you!🤗😘💪🏽 . #smartwatersummer #mytrainercarmen #yay #icantwait #la #hollywood

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Powerful Purple Smoothie 💕Using @the_goodguru Unflavored Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder. 💗1 Pack of Dragon Fruit Purée (I found this at my Sprouts, it's literally just frozen organic dragon fruit, including seeds) 💗2/3 Cup Frozen Strawberries (I get organic) 💗 2/3 Cup Frozen Cherries (cherries reduce inflammation & muscle soreness, yay) 💗1 cup of Almond Milk or any liquid of choice 💗 3 Scoops @the_

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Flexing w/ my new Daith piercing, I went to see @aaronpowers_tba over at @biolabpiercingstudio Swipe to see close up & my other piercing. . Aaron was awesome! Professional, everything was so clean, virtually painless, just fantastic! FYI: Daith is that little inner ear area when you see that loop. And once it's healed in 6 weeks you better believe I'll be replacing the piercing jewelry w/ somethin

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Move to Try from my App #mtcapp Download: - - Slide Curl Press Reverse Lunge, I'm using a slider & 10lb dumbbells, you can use a towel, fuzzy socks, or a paper plate for carpet.👍🏽This hits errythang, core, arms, shoulders, booty, legs. Really pull thru that front heel & squeeze that cheek!😅💪🏽 . Android version is coming, working hard, just takes a bit longer, I apprecia

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Walk into your living room like a boss, flex, & get to sweatin' 😎💪🏽😆😅 I just want to say, to all my chicas who workout at home, keep crushing it! I often get asked if you "can really get fit" from working out at home & the answer is heck yes!! I don't go to a gym, I do have a decent selection of weights (I deadlift in my garage w/ 135lbs) & yet my Deadlift PR this weekend was 235lbs. Get fit where

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Amazing weekend with Amazing Women! (And men) Thank you to @gymjoneswomen for such a challenging & valuable Women's Specific Training Seminar! Of course @onnitacademy for hosting something so damn revolutionary! Thank you to all my powerful ladies & gentlemen who were in attendance, I've learned so much & you all inspire & impress me so much! @jackie_rose85 @gymjoneswomen @lisamaximus @lisa.boshar

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Low Impact At Home Booty Workout!🙋🏽Tag someone who'd like this. Here's the thing, yes heavy weights are excellent for building the booty, yes I use heavier weights myself & in the workouts I create for my app. 💥BUT💥 you've got to start somewhere & getting the mind to muscle connection & the squeeze down is crucial & these moves can really help w/ isolation & activation.👍🏽Also more advanced Chicas

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Booty/Leg Day Meals💪🏽Here is what I eat on a day when I'll be working out my Bootay! Details below👇🏽I eat more carbs, especially prior to my workout. . From top left to bottom right: 1️⃣Breakfast: Half a cantaloupe w/ @the_goodguru Protein Oatmeal inside. 2️⃣Snack: Avocado Toast 3️⃣Lunch: Brown Rice Pasta w/ broccoli, cauliflower, bacon, & shredded chicken. 4️⃣I workout & then have my Green Shake

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Post Workout Shake🌱🥛I have this almost errrry-day & I do not get tired of it, simple, healthy, & delicious!😋💪🏽@the_goodguru . • Almond Milk • 2 Pitted Dates • Big heap of Power Greens • about a Tablespoon unsweetened Peanut Butter • 3 Scoops @the_goodguru Grass Fed Unflavored Whey Protein Powder • 3 Ice Cubes • Blend & serve over ice, yum!!!! . . #thegoodguru #getyourgreens #greens #powergreens #

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Total Body Move💪🏽I'm using 15lb dbs. When I need a quick, intense workout I choose a move like this + 20 Ball Slams + 20 Sec Jump Rope & I do it 4-5 Sets.😅 . Try it out!👍🏽🙋🏽 1️⃣This Move: Row, curl, press, lunge, lunge=1 rep: 8 Reps 2️⃣Ball Slams: 10 Reps 3️⃣20 Sec Jump Rope - 4 Sets . Workout w/ me: - . Leggings: @onzie Top: @guess #quickworkout #totalbodyworkout #

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Full Body Warm Up🔥Keep reading for full instructions👇🏽 . This video had to be sped up to fit, so please GO SLOW!! . 1️⃣Forward Folds: let Body hand down, make sure you're letting head fully hang, not holding tension, drive knees forward & extend up slowly, reach thru finger tips & tilt chin up to ceiling. Do 4 Times 2️⃣Windmills: elbows locked, torso can twist but try not to let hips twist too mu

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#Repost @barryrandom ・・・ Can't wait to get my Glock 17 back from @stippgrips, he killed it! Thanks again Jonathan!

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MUST TRY finishers ☝🏼🙌🏼🔥 (I literally KNOCKED the weights today!! 😂 Second exercise!!) THREE favourite and great finishers from today's leg/booty session 🍑 Easy to preform and perfect to end your workouts with! • Front barbell lunges 3-4set x 10-12reps • Hip raises on box Weighted/Non weighted 4set x 15reps / 20reps • Miniband side leg raises w. weight 10reps TAG your friends 💪🏼 Outfit; @gymsharkw

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🎉 עבר שבוע מאז פסטיבל הקיץ שלנו! מי כבר מחכה לשנה הבאה?😍 📸: @edenskiz

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يشرفني ويسعدني اني أكون متواجدة كضيفة شرف في معرض ( رينا اكسبو ) معرض استقبال عيد الأضحى ،،💓 يوم الاربعاء ان شاءالله،،💓 . @rienaexpo_kuw

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Qualquer peça por R$ 6,00 . ⚠️Pedido mínimo de R$150,00 em peças variadas! . 🔴 FRETE GRÁTIS para compras acima de R$300,00. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔵 Compre pelo Whatsapp (21) 96829-6063 🔵 Enviamos para todo o Brasil. ✈📦➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #Bijuterias #atacado #bijuteriasfinas #bijuteriasdeluxo #brincos #rendaextra #biju #instabiju #liquidação #pulseira #colares #pulseiras #bijuonline #bijumania #acessorios

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A new crop circle appeared in Sutton Hall, Nr Rothford, Essex just in time for the Eclipse. What could it mean? 🌑🌕 via @the.frequent.sea

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🌹Самые красивые кухни у них @kuhni_safiya 📞8(989)6562221