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A great way to really feel the Booty Burn🔥with just body weight: This Workout! Do all moves on right leg before switching to left.😱😅🤫💪🏽 Deadlift Lunge - 10 Reps Pulse Lunge - 10 Reps Lunge Kick - 10 Reps Curtsy Lift - 10 Reps Single Side Squat - 10 Reps Single Calf Raise - 10 Reps . 3 Sets . 💥 . Song: Steady Shock by @girltalk_verified #howtoburncalories #howtogetab

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Mmm Oats!😋Topped w/ cinnamon pears. Super easy, healthy, & delicious! . Just dice up a pear, throw it in a pan over medium low heat, little bit of butter (I use kerrygold), and cinnamon. Yum!! Pears are naturally sweet so when combined w/ cinnamon they are amazing & even kids will love it. Great way to make Steel Cut Oats more tasty & add a bit of natural sweetness.🤤👍🏽 . #healthyfood #healthybreak

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Healthy, hearty, & hella-easy!!!😆😘💪🏽🍗🍲 Crockpot Chicken & Wild Rice Soup 2 Chicken Breast 1 Shallot (finely chopped) 3 Carrots (chopped small) 3 Celery Stalks (chopped small) 2 Cloves Garlic (use garlic press) Salt, Pepper, Thyme, Rosemary, 1 Bay Leaf 6 Cups Chicken Stock 3/4 Cup Wild Rice Blend . Put in all up in your Crockpot, cook on low for 4 Hours. Check at 3.5hrs & shred chicken, I ju

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#tbt to this Quick Upper Body Workout at my old apt. 😅💪🏽 ・・・ I'm using 10lb dumbbells & a medium/hard resistance band. . 1️⃣Twisting Curls (15 Reps) 2️⃣Curl to Kickback (10 ea Arm) 3️⃣Kick Backs (15 Reps) 4️⃣Single Kick Back (10 ea Arm) 5️⃣Band Hammer Curls (15 Reps) . -- 3-5 Sets -- . . Download my app at - - Bra: @onzie Leggings: @blessedbodywear . . #upperbody #u

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Temperature went from like 80 the past 2 days to 40 today.😳🤯⛄️Houston weather why you so cray?! . This will warm you up. 40 Sec each Punching Move, 30 Sec each Bouncing Move. Simply march in place or do high knees or even jumping jacks if you don’t like my bouncy moves.😁👍🏽💪🏽I suggest 1-3lb weights. I’m using 3s. . #hiit #hiitworkout #hiitcardio #punching #hiitworkouts #h

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#whatieat Alrighty, so that Healthy Hash recipe I shared last week, I have a super quick & easy way to use the taters for dinner, swipe to see the video for my Quick Curry. . . 1️⃣Breakfast: 1 egg scrambled w/ sweet taters & spinach, sliced pear, 2 slices turkey bacon. 2️⃣Snack: Plain Greek Yogurt & fruit. 3️⃣Quick Curry: So last week I showed you how I like to roast those tiny taters to use all w

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Want a really awesome burn out?! Try this at the end of your next workout!😅💦🔥💪🏽I do 10 Reps of everything, but could only fit 8 in this video, it’s clearly sped up, go quickly but maintain form.👍🏽Use any weighted bar, I’m using a traditional 45lb squat bar. . 1️⃣ 10 Rows 2️⃣ 10 Reverse Curls 3️⃣ 10 Presses 4️⃣ 10 Deadlifts 5️⃣ 10 Tension Squats 6️⃣ 10 Rev Lunges ea Leg . www.mytrainercarmenapp

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My Fav Stretch Sequence! Really does wonders for the hips.🤗👍🏽 This video had to be sped up, please go slow & only do what you’re able, never force a stretch!! Tag a partner & please don’t neglect stretching🙋🏽it’s very important, I like to do this after cardio or at end of leg day to cool down. . 💥 . Leggings: @cutebootylounge Sweater: @nikewomen #stretching #stretch #h

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Quick & Easy & Healthy!💪🏽 Swipe for details, I like to make things like this for lunch or dinner, it’s quick & yummy. Let me know if you’d like to see more of my quick recipes.😘🙋🏽 . My Healthy Hash • taters (I used peewee taters, they’re just tiny yellow taters, found them in a bag, but pretty much any small tater will do) • any kale/brussel sprout mix (I like to use these two, mix them, I don’t u

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Another fun Drop Set to try, for da booty. i like to use the towel to hold the dumbbells sometimes. 1️⃣6 Wide Squats: 50lb dumbbells. 2️⃣8 Wide Squats: 40lb dumbbells. 3️⃣10 Wide Squats: 30lb dumbbells. Really focus on that squeeze, slow & controlled.😅🔥💪🏽 . We do 2 Full Booty Days a week in my app, with moves like this:💥 . #howtoburncalories #squats #squatsbooty #squa

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Here’s a fun/torturous drop set to try! You’ll be walking like i was by the end.😂 Legs=Noodles . 1️⃣Narrow Deadlifts w/ 50lb dumbbells, 6 Reps 2️⃣Hip Width Deadlift w/ 40lb dumbbells, 8 Reps 3️⃣Sumo Deadlifts w/ 30lb dumbbells, 10 Reps . No stopping btwn moves, dancing is allowed.😂💃🏽 3 Sets . Join me for a full workout in my app: 💥 . #howtoburncalories #fitness #workoutm

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Some facts about me you might not know: ⏺ i was born right outside of Kansas City in a small town called Sedalia, MO.👶🏽 ⏺My mama is Mexican & my dad is white (Irish/German-ish) ⏺We come back here to KC to visit family pretty often. i absolutely LOVE Kansas City BBQ.🍗🍖 @visitkc ⏺We moved to Houston, Texas when i was in 5th grade, so Houston is my home & i love it!🏠 . I’d love to hear where everyone

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DEADLIFTS: Just do them!!! i make sure that we do all different variations of Deadlifts in my app: Join us!! . ⏺Want More Core Strength & Stability? Deadlift! ⏺Want to target all of the muscles responsible for your posture? Deadlift! ⏺Want a Shapely Booty? Deadlift! ⏺Want killer Hamstrings & firmness on the back of your legs? Deadlift!! ⏺And remember: Lifting weights and

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Quick, easy, Warm Up! i know a lot of people who say they skip their warm up & you absolutely should not!!🙅🏽👎🏽 THIS is the Bare Minimum example of what could be done for a Warm Up. i suggest walking on the treadmill or marching in place & then doing this circuit. . . 😁💪🏽👍🏽 1️⃣Fold Over (go slow, let shoulders fold over, pause at bottom to really let head & arms hang, then push knees forward to slo

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Whittle that waist ☑️ Muffin top attack ☑️ Sculpt sexy arms ☑️ Low Impact ☑️ Beginner friendly ☑️ Safe for pre & post pregnancy ☑️ Safe for older adults ☑️ So come on, tag a friend who needs this & let’s HIIT it! 🙋🏽💪🏽 . 25 Sec Work, 10 Sec Rest, 3-5 Rounds! (On single sided exercises that means 25 sec ea side). I’m using 5lb dumbbells . Get ready to sweat!😅Join me in my app: www.mytrainercarmenapp

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기본보충제 목록 장바구니입니다 몇달치해도 15만원이안됩니다 타사제품 이렇게사려면 기본 20~많게는30도 줘야할겁니다 컷팅제 또한 적당히 갖춰도 7만정도 식사대용파우더 만원대 뭐 등등 . 구매방법은 #마이프로틴구매방법 참고해주시면 되십니다 #오늘까지인걸로압니다 자세한내용은 마이프로틴팬카페 🐶

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Kışı sevme nedenlerim salep, boza ve kestane yemek yemesem de olur😆 ✌🏼

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Wanafunzi wanakutana hapa Jumamosi, uzuri ni kwamba WAZAZI nao wanaruhusiwa kuwasindikiza watoto wao kwenye hii burudani kubwa zaidi ya wanafunzi Tanzania a.k.a #FiestaYaWanafunzi. Haitaishia kwenye burudani ya jukwaani pekee, kuna michongo ya kielimu ikiwemo #scholarship na zawadi nyingine za kielimu. #AfterSkulBash2017; Usiruhusu mwanao akose Cc : @pepsi_tz

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[Special Christmas Ornaments Gift] 홈테이블데코전 에이치픽스 부스에 들려주시면 전시를 위해 에이치픽스가 특별히 제작한 크리스마스 오너먼트 3종 세트를 기프트로 드립니다. 🎁 내일부터 일요일까지 전시장에 들려주셔서 기프트도 받아가시고 많은 응원 부탁드립니다! 🙌🏻 한남동 매장에서도 무료 증정중이니 많은 관심 부탁드려요~ . ㅤ #스페셜오너먼트증정 #홈테이블데코2017 #홀C #CD118 #joonghochoistudio #specialcollaboration #christmas #ornament

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Gestern begann das achttägige Lichterfest. Wir wünschen allen Juden frohe Chanukka-Tage!

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فيلا للبيع في الهملة مساحة الارض: ٢٠٦ مساحة البناء : ٣٤٢ الدور الارضي كراج سيارتين مطبخ داخلي مع مطبخ خارجي غرفة الستراحه صاله مجلس حمامين الدور الاول : ٤ غرفه ماستر صاله الدور الثاني : غرفة خادمه مع حمام غرفة غسيل المبلغ 128 الف سوسن 39234092

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Продам вакуумный упаковщик Indokor IVP-400/CD с опцией газонаполнения для предприятия общественного питания. В использовании очень мало. 70.000 #89244055488 @mageramova_