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Intense Total Body!🔥😅I love coming up w/ tough moves like these for my app: 💪🏽 . 1️⃣Row, Step, Curl: 10 Reps ea Side 2️⃣Step Up Lateral: 10 Reps ea Leg 3️⃣Side Step Double Press: 10 Reps ea Side 4️⃣Hop Offs (on hands or gripping dumbbells on ground, feet on step): 20 Reps . 3-5 Sets . I’m using an 18inch Step, got it on - #howtoburncalories #totalbodyworkout

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💥Band Workout!!💥I’m using @thexbands1 dead bands & booty band.😅👍🏽We do all kinds of band moves on my app: 🔥 . 1️⃣Row & Squeeze: 12 Reps 2️⃣Single Row: 10 Reps ea Arm 3️⃣Single Deadlift: 10 Reps ea Side 4️⃣Lunge Kick: 10 Reps ea Leg 5️⃣Side Kick Squat: 10 Reps ea Leg 6️⃣Squat & Lift: 16 Reps 7️⃣Tension Squats: 15 Reps 3-5 Sets . . Bra: @onzie Leggings: @liquidoactiv

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Giveaway Alert: Who’s hungry?!😋 @butcher_box delivers 100% grass fed & finished beef, free range organic chicken, & heritage breed pork, flash frozen, & shipped to your door.🍖🍗🤘🏽Here’s how to WIN a Free Butcher Box + 2 Free Ribeye Steaks: 1️⃣Like this Post 2️⃣Tag a friend below 3️⃣Follow @butcher_box . (Sorry guys this is US only, closes in 48hrs) . . You can also use my code 💥CARMEN10💥at check o

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Try this quick & effective😅Total Body Workout! I incorporate moves like this in my app: 💥 . I’m using a 25lb bar. Do each move for 10 Reps, go through all the moves without stopping, as quickly as you can but also paying attention to form.👌🏽Rest 30 Sec btwn Sets. 3-5 Sets. . Leggings: @popflex_active Top: @glyderapparel . . #totalbodyworkout #totalbody #howtoburncalori

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Body Weight Booty Workout as requested.😅🍑 . 1️⃣Pulsing Knee Lunge: (focus on that squeeze, pressing thru heel) 10ea Leg 2️⃣Single Leg Deadlift: 10ea Leg 3️⃣Curtsy Knee Up: 10ea Leg 4️⃣Curtsy Pulses: 10ea Leg 5️⃣Stationary Lunges: 10ea Leg 6️⃣Double Kick Backs: 10ea Leg . 3-5 Sets . In my app we do workouts similar to this, but longer & with weights incorporated. 💥 . Le

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Modified Total Body Exercises, we do more Advanced versions in my app, swipe to see them.😅👍🏽💪🏽Click the link in my bio to download: 💥 . 1️⃣ Row & Squeeze: 10 Reps 2️⃣Balance Core Combo: 10 Reps 3️⃣Sise Lunge Combo: 10ea Side . 5 Sets or add these exercises in with some extra core work or cardio.👍🏽🙋🏽 . Bra: @onzie Leggings: @powerwoman_official . . #mtcapp #workout #wor

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Low Impact Stability Ball Workout💪🏽😅 Tag a friend to join you. Low Impact but you’ll still feel the 🔥. . I’m using a 65cm Ball from @centurymafitness 1️⃣Squat Curl: 12 Reps 2️⃣Sumo Squat High Pull: 10 Reps ea Arm 3️⃣Single Leg Squat Press (non active leg is on tippy toe for balance) 10 Reps ea Side 4️⃣Single Reach & Row: 8 Reps ea Side 5️⃣Rows: 12 Reps . 3-4 Sets . Workout with me: www.mytrain

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Quadruple Core Burn🔥😅This hits the love handles/obliques. I think you’ll love it, tag a friend & hop to it!🙋🏽 @bosu_fitness . 1️⃣Side Lifts: 8 Reps 2️⃣Side Hold: 8 Sec (count slow) 3️⃣Bow & Arrows: 8 Reps 4️⃣Side Crunches: 8 Reps Do all work on One Side first then switch to other side.👍🏽💪🏽3 Sets . . Leggings: @onzie . Do a full day of Core with me in my app: 💥 . . #h

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Fun Partner Workout to Try, with my friend @spogue86 from @onnitacademy in Austin last weekend.😅💪🏽👍🏽 . Grab a band, I use @thexbands1 & get to work.😅👍🏽 . 1️⃣Twists (partners alternate, this is tough, pick a distance that is manageable, I almost fell over, totally works your core🔥) 10 Reps ea Partner ea Direction 2️⃣Squat Rows (you can hold the band overhand or underhand) 10 Reps ea Partner 3️⃣Hip

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Total Body Workout💥Using a 25lb weight plate, I get my plates from @getrxd 👍🏽 You could also use a kettle bell or dumbbell. . 1️⃣Balanced Row: 10ea Arm 2️⃣Curtsy Deadlift: 10ea Side 3️⃣Dead Squat Press: 12 Reps 4️⃣Row & Squeeze: 10ea Side 3-5 Sets . . Workout with me: 💥 . Outfit: @glyderapparel . . #howtoburncalories #homeexercises #trainingvideos #workoutvideos #home

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Bocah zaman dulu nonton Anime ini, bocah zaman now nonton Anime Hentai 😂😂

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@irina.foxy 🔘Открыт набор на индивидуальные занятия по Pole Dance, Exotic Pole Dance и растяжке. ✔Обучение с нуля! ⠀ ➡️Более подробная информация в Директ @irina.foxy или по номеру +79990571397

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We would like to welcome International Physique athlete, Miss World, Gorgeous and charming @ishwetarathore at BodyPower Tour- Pune and Delhi! Her fitness journey is an inspiration for many female athletes- Not a question to ask if you would like to meet her as you should meet her and get inspired :) Registration link in the bio.

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. Imam Besar Front Pembela Islam (FPI) mengkritik keras dugaan hinaan Katib Aam Syuriah PBNU terhadap Habib Umar Bin Hafidz. . “Tidak pantas seorang Katib Aam PBNU yang katanya Aswaja bicara semacam itu, beraroma iri dan dengki serta hasut dan provokatif penuh kebencian,” kata Habib Rizieq di akun Facebook FPI. Kata Habib Rizieq, pernyataan Katib Aam PBNU itu sangat provokatif dan penuh kebencian

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Haven’t posted on YouTube in a while.. what should my next video be?? I’ll be recording tonight! 🤗

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صباااااح ما يليق الا با احبابه 💆🏻☕️❤️#صباح_الخير #صباح #لايكاتكم_تسعدني #لايك_مي #لايكات #لايكمي #لايك #افنان_الباتل #افنان #الخريجي #العنود #دعم #نشر #تاق #هشتاق #سفر#سياحه #الباز #الثقافي #اطفال #مصورين #مصوره #مصوره #مصوراتكم #تصوير #تصويري #تصويري_