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💥Must-Try Stretch💥The Mountain Climber Stretch! I love it, one of my favs! Feels great for tight hamstrings & hips. - - 1. Kneeling: Start with this version first, then work your way up. Think one nice long line from booty, thru spine, up thru crown of head. - 2. Traditional: not kneeling, you'll notice I mess up slightly when my left leg is forward I let my right knee drop slightly, it should be

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My friends at @liquidoactive asked me to answer to a personal question today.😊They believe in the power of finding strength by letting others in & so do I. - - How are you living a bold, fearless, & free life? - - I'm a firm believer in not letting fear rule your actions. I was an Art Teacher for 5 years before I quit to pursue a full time Personal Training career. Fear could've stopped me from

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💥Don't forget my Holiday Booty Builder doesn't expire, go to: - And you can start from the beginning, only $10! Lots of fun!😅💪🏽🙋🏽 - 12 Workouts, lifetime access, only equipment needed is one pair of 10lb dumbbells & a yoga mat. Use the link & read ALL the details!😁👍🏽 Happy Sunday! - #trainersvault #bootyprogram #buildabooty #getfit #getstarted #fitstagram #

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Yesterday's Cable Workout but At-Home.😁👍🏽 Excuse the butt view, but well you need to see what it's doing.💁🏽😬 - I'm using @thexbands They have a 12" booty bands starter for like $13, I've been using them for ages & they're still good, no tears or rips or anything. That's the small red one I'm using. The longer one is also by them & it's called "Little Red". - - 1. Kick Backs: Band around thighs, a

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💥Crucial Booty Moves💥I'm in a real life gym😱 I usually do these at home with resistance bands, which I'll show you in another video. - - 1. Cable Crossed Kick Backs (notice the active leg slightly crosses behind the planted leg, oooo burn) 8 Reps ea Leg - 2. Cable Squat Pulses (use heavy resistance, what you can handle, don't fully extend up & lock knees, but DO concentrate & DO squeeze those che

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Quick Fun Cardio😅👊🏽 - 1. Left-Right Hooks: 35 Sec - - 2. Right-Right-Left Jabs: 35 Sec - - 3. Left-left-right Jabs: (not videoed) 35 Sec - - 4. Knee Strikes: 35 Sec ea Knee - - 5. Quick Kicks: 35 Sec ea Leg - 6. Reverse Lunge Jump Ninja Kick: (definitely a made up move & a made up name😆🤺) 35 Sec ea Side - - 3 Sets😅 - I love changing up my cardio & it must be fun! I'm using equipment from @centu

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💥Booty Builder!👌🏽The Stationary Lunge💥 Start with what's right for you. - - 1. Stationary Lunge: Body Weight (push thru front heel & squeeze both cheeks at top, hold wall, this should be good even for newbies, if you notice the straight up & down alignment, should not have any knee pain) - - 2. With a Kettlebell (I hold it outside the working leg, same tips as above) - 3. With a Weighted Bar (ba

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💥Side Planks💥 . . . Do Them!! Read about benefits below & watch the variations, then get to it.😄👍🏽💪🏽🙋🏽 - Core Strength: works core to a huge extent! - Strengthens Shoulders, Wrists, & Arms! - Improves Balance. - Improves Concentration: you have to concentrate on keeping that hip lifted & body in line. - Reduces Back Pain: b/c it requires minimal movement while contracting all layers of the abdomi

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💥Quick Outdoor Workout🍃Got sweaty, enjoyed the scenery, & stayed hydrated w/ @krogerco #simpletruth Water w/ electrolytes. @simpletruth4u - 1. Rode my sweet new bike (xmas present from the hubby) to a location about 2 miles away. - - 2. Split Squats-30 Sec ea Leg - - 3. Toe Taps-30 Sec - 4. Plank Dips-30 Sec - 5. Plank Arm Climbers-30 Sec - 6. Push Up Jacks-30 Sec - 7. High Knees-30 Sec - 3-

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💥Staying hydrated with @krogerco #simpletruth Water💦with electrolytes while I enjoy an outdoor workout. @simpletruth4u - Read more about hydration on my blog: - Video coming up later!😅💪🏽 - Happy New Year everyone!!💥 - - This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of Kroger. The opinions & text are all mine. #simpletruth #kroger #i

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💥Giveaway!💥I've loved @foxyathletics & their awesome cell phone pocket leggings for a while now, as I'm sure you've noticed, so I'll be giving away 20 @foxyathletics gift cards! Follow the rules below to enter to win a $25 Foxy gift card! • Rules: 1. Follow @foxyathletics & @mytrainercarmen 2. Tag a friend in the comments and tell them why they would love a pair of leggings with a cell phone pocke

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💥Quick, Sweaty Workout😅 This was super fun & intense. Grab a 20lb ball (or any weight) & a jump rope (or you could do high knees) - 1. Jump Rope for 5min to warm up - 2. Warm up your hips, any kind of stretches you like. - 3. Do 20 Deadlift Squat Presses w/ your ball. - 4. Do 10 Squat Throws w/ your ball (try as hard as you can). - - 5. Do 5 Sprints (as fast as you can). Whoo hoo, you're done!! -

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💥Back Workout💥 Pretty intense, just one set of dumbbells, I'm using 10lb dbs, but use heavier if you want.😁👍🏽 - 1. Seated Rows (filmed 2 angles to be fancy😎) 10 Reps - 2. Plank Rows (8 Reps ea Arm) - 3. Single Arm Row (having your chest lightly rested on the bench allows you to keep perfect form) 8 Reps ea Arm - 4. Double Rows (row narrow then row wide, that's one rep) 8 ea Arm - 5. Face Down Rows

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💥Booty/Leg Day Finisher💥 Try this out, whoooo weeee😅 - - 1. Forward Lunge (ea leg), 2 Squat Jumps, Reverse Lunge (ea leg), 2 Squat Jumps, keep repeating till your legs are jello.😆 I'd say 3-4 Sets should do. - - 2. Pulse (4 times) extend up & squeeze, notice I don't fully extend up & my knees remain bent but I still think & activate that squeeze! I'd say repeat 8 times & be done. - - Outfit: @onni

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💥It's almost that time again for New Years Resolutions!💥I'll be handling one of mine w/ the help of @getfreshly - - Click the link in my bio for my story & awesome savings!! 6 Meals for $39!!!😱These meals are so legit & tasty, I would not share them if I didn't feel this great about them!!🍝🍛🍴 - Between these @getfreshly meals & my upcoming #mtcapp I think you'll be set!😁👍🏽💪🏽- - - #workout #fitnes

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💥Total Body Workout💥I'm using a 25lb weight plate, use whatever you want.😁👍🏽 - 1. Deadlift to Overhead Reverse Lunge (8 Reps ea Leg) - - 2. Alternating Deadlift & Curl (10 Reps) - 3. Squat Press (10 Reps) - 4. Single Leg Row (8 Reps ea Side) - 5. Row & Curtsy (8 Reps ea Side) - 6. Double Row & Kick (10 Reps) - - 3-5 Sets - Outfit: @foxyathletics - - - #foxyathletics #cuteoutfit #leggings #bef

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Sale meletop b4 Chinese new year 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Semua rangkaian product2 kita meletop!!!! Puk puk puk💥💥💥💥💥💥 laku macam pisang goreng uols!!!!! Makan hati kan!!!! ini lah jika berniaga bersama sama dengan sajat!!!kebanyakkan nya yang jadi stokis dan agent majority suri rumah,kerja bank,polis,askar,cikgu,kerja kilang!!! Tapi sale seminggu boleh mencecah RM5k-RM7k untuk stokis,untuk agent Rm2k-RM3k t

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🔥🔥🔥LETS BE CLEAR YALL BE AT SPOTS THAT PLAY WE BE AT SPOTS THAT PAY 💰💰💰 #TurntUpTuesdays @blueflamelounge Own Tuesday Nights in Atlanta.. #PullUpOnUs tonight to see how #Bankhead be Poppin on Tuesday nights..... @junedalinkent @tracyebigdeal1 @chico6anks @rickdahost_hustle @ishmaelj

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KENALAN DENGAN NERAKA YUK! Saudaraku –semoga Allah memberi taufik kepada kita- seringkali kita mendengar tentang neraka, namun hati kita terlalu keras untuk merenungi kebenaran adanya neraka dengan segala kepedihan di dalamnya. Padahal telah banyak disampaikan dalam kitab-Nya di banyak tempat. Allah ta’ala berfirman: “Maka takutlah kalian kepada beraka yang bahan bakarnya terdiri dari manusia dan

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Yuk cobain produk baru dari @beauty_skinstar . Miracleglowcream, mencerahkan kulit wajah membuat wajah glowing, mengeringkan/ menghilangkan jerawat, memudarkan flek akibat matahari, bekas jerawat, dll, hasil bisa dilihat dalam 1 minggu pemakaian . Cream yang satu ini cocok dan aman untuk semua jenis kulit wajah . Berkualitas (setara dengan produk kecantikan berharga jutaan) dengan harga sangat

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تخفيف 10 هزار توماني 😍 . دکوراسیون پر نقش و نگار خود را با آینه های فانتزی تزئین کنید تنها در پيج زير👇🏻 @sanaa_kalaa @sanaa_kalaa @sanaa_kalaa @sanaa_kalaa @sanaa_kalaa @sanaa_kalaa @sanaa_kalaa @sanaa_kalaa @sanaa_kalaa @sanaa_kalaa

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منازل لایک بالا در پیج دوممون منزل زیبای دوست عزیزمون از کاشان متراژ ۱۰۰ @elahehmazhari

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Mau jerawat kamu hilang? Flek komedo membandel hilang? Putih ga pake bahan kimia?? yuuk cus pakai makser wajah dari Hi! Nate yg terbuat dr bahan bahan organik berkualitas tinggi Masker bubuk ini aman banget karena bahan2nya 100% ORGANIK Tidak menggunakan bahan sintetis kimia HOME MADE AVAILABLE : - ICE LEMONADE - WE NEED GREENTEA - WHO DOESN'T LOVE ME -STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIES -GOAT NEVER LIE Fungsi

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Ve yine indirmli bir sabaha Günaydın Tüm kışlık modellerde net %50 indirim Fırsatlardan yararlanın...