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Sunday Movin’ & Groovin’ ♥️ I like keeping it light & easy on a Sunday, just getting in some kind of movement. Try it out with me!🙋🏽 It’s low impact & should be great for nearly everyone.💪🏽 . 1️⃣Side Crunch & Lift: 10ea Side 2️⃣Crunch & Push Up: 8ea Side 3️⃣Knee In & Booty Lift: 10ea Side 4️⃣Crunch & Bridge: 10ea Side . 3 Sets . . #sundayfunday #sunday #sundayvibe #sundayvibes #workout #workoutvi

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💥Fit Friday Challenge💥Quick & sweaty! 30 Sec 1st Move, 15 Sec Rest, 30 Sec 2nd Move. Do as many rounds as you like. 🔥Extra Challenge: count Reps during the first move & try to increase by 1 rep ea round till you’re toast😱😅💦🍞😵 . Monthly Pop Up Challenges coming very soon to my App with the new additions I mentioned yesterday, yay!!!🤘🏽🎉 . . #fitfriday #fitfridaychallenge #

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My App is about to have a full HIIT Plan, in honor of that, here’s a sample workout! 20 Sec Work, 10 Sec Rest.😅😘🙋🏽💪🏽This Plan will be an awesome way for anyone looking to kick it up a notch & get in a little extra cardio. You can pick & choose workouts to do in addition to the Main Plan, yay!! or just click the link in my bio. ♥️ . Swipe to see how the pics & vids look i

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Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful People!!!♥️😘♥️You know I love Booty Workouts so here’s a Low Impact Booty Workout for ya! Also swipe for the Pre-Activation & Cool Down!💃🏽 . 1️⃣Pre Activation: 20 Side to Side Banded Steps, 20 Knees In & Spread, 10ea Leg Banded Step Back . 2️⃣The Workout: 12 Sumo Deadlifts, 12 Narrow Deadlifts, 12 Chair Squats: 3 Sets, then 12ea Leg Banded Kick Backs, 12ea Leg Point

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Wednesday’s Booty Werk Class will involve these Banded Moves plus much more!😅🍑💪🏽Who’s coming?!🙋🏽Info & sign up @dancehousefitness . If you don’t live in Houston, bust out your bands & do these at home! Aim for 10reps ea side of each exercise. I’m using @thexbands ♥️ . These moves are also in Weeks 43-48 of my App, which I’m getting loaded in as quick as I can, my chicas who are kicking serious but

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Happy Sunday!!! #sequinsinthedaytime . ♥️About this hat!♥️ @loveyourmelonwwu Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America, giving fifty percent (50%) of profit from sales to their nonprofit partners. To date, they have given over 2.6 million dollars and over 110,000 hats to children battling cancer. #LoveYourMelon #JoinTheStory

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#werk is awesome!!! @dancehousefitness It went down today at our new location in the Heights! Thanks to everyone who came out & got their sweat on w/ us!😅💪🏽💃🏽🙌🏽♥️♥️🔥Catch me leading Booty Werk: here at Heights location: Monday 5:45pm, Wednesday 5:45pm, & Thursday’s 9:30am! . . Swipe thru to see all the fun, my girl @littlenikip gettin it on that boomerang!💃🏽 . #dancehousefitness #dhf #mytrainerca

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Fit Friday Challenge!! Punch & Crunch!👊🏽🔥💪🏽Get that core & those guns working. Tag a friend to join you, quick & sweaty!🙋🏽😅 Happy Friday!! . Challenges, Recipes, Full HIIT Plan, & full Beginner Plan all coming to my App very soon, I’m working hard this weekend to get all the pics & videos loaded in so it can hopefully be ready for next week!🎉 . . Top: @forever21 Pants

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Booty Werk tonight was 🔥😅💦Everyone in class put in all the #werk & killed it! 🙌🏽💪🏽 . . 💥Super excited for this Saturday too! If you’re in Houston, come hang out w/ us @dancehousefitness in the Heights at our new location! Try all the classes for free & party!🎉💃🏽🥂Swipe for all the details, I’ll be co-teaching at 10:30am w/ my girl @courtneyclaiborne 🙋🏽 . #party #comepartywithus #comepartywithme #fi

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Cleaning & Working Out!!😆😅👍🏽Sliding can be incredibly low impact but also very challenging, yay!💪🏽👊🏽 . 1️⃣Sliding Burpee- 25 Sec 2️⃣Sliding Reverse Lunge- 25 Sec ea Leg 3️⃣Double Slide Crunch- 25 Sec 4️⃣Slide Knee to Wrist- 25 Sec 5️⃣Twists- 25 Sec 6️⃣Side Lunge & Crunch- 25 Sec ea Side . 3 Sets . . I’m using micro-fiber reusable cleaning cloths as my sliders. . . Top: @marshalls Leggings: @

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Y’all already know that I promote living a balanced, fit, happy, & healthy life! I believe in working hard & playing hard. Traveling, enjoying life, being social & staying fit are integral parts of my life. I’m super pumped to announce that I’m partnering with @MichelobULTRA in 2018 because they too believe in all the above. Get ready for some fun, fit events coming to a city near you this Summer!

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💥Quick Cool Down Sequence!💥It’s the least we should all be doing. I like to devote a day, like my “rest day” to mobility work. But this is something I’ll at least do at the end of each workout. . It’s a pretty quick sequence, but notice it is sped up to fit Insta, go slow & controlled, and do the sequence maybe 2-3 times through or at least once. 😁😘🙋🏽💪🏽👍🏽 . #cooldown #cooldowntime #dontforgetcoold

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LONG POST, worth reading! Pic on the left 27 years old, pic on the right, today, currently 31 years old. I’ve always been athletic & have always worked out & stayed active.💥So what changed?!!? 1️⃣I cleaned up my diet & did it MY way. No more stress eating. More food. Whole, real food, and cut out as much refined sugar as possible. 2️⃣CONSISTENCY, consistency, consistency! I am older but have never

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@pomwonderful Powerful Post Workout Smoothie. • Quick, simple, powerful. • Known for antioxidants. • Good source of potassium. • Naturally sweet, no added sugar. 8oz POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice, 1 serving Unflavored Protein Powder (I use a grass fed whey), & 5-6 Ice Cubes. Blend on low until smooth. Pour it up & bask in the #crazyhealthy -ness. . Who’s been hitting their workouts hard?!

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🙋🏽😅💪🏽Fit Friday Challenge! Tag a friend & let’s get it, quick & sweaty. 1️⃣Dance b/c it’s Friday!😆💃🏽 2️⃣Plank Row-Criss Cross Climber-Hop Up & Squeeze that Booty 3️⃣45 Sec Rounds, 15 Sec Rest btwn Rounds, 5 Rounds. Quick, but maintain good form too! 4️⃣Extra Challenge: However many you’re able to complete in that 1st round, try to go up by one each round.😱😅💦 . 💥💥Monthly Pop Up Challenges coming to

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Gym or Home: Twist Away that Waist!💥 These are some great Core Moves! Can be done at Home w/ a Band (I’m using @thexbands “little red”) or at the Gym on a cable machine. . 💥Tips: • slightly tuck pelvis, soft knees, chest proud, shoulders back. • as you twist your chest/torso should follow, otherwise it’d be all arm work. • on that one where I’m only pressing, stand pretty far away, brace your core

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Jump Rope: How To🔥Now I’m not saying these are the only ways to jump rope or the best ways, these are just my 4 Fav Ways! . Jump Rope is amazing b/c it can be done almost anywhere #noexcusescardio It’s also pretty low impact, even tho it may not seem so, notice my knees stay soft, not locked, & I’m not landing super hard or pounding or anything. Less time is required to burn a decent amount of cal

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Monday Move to Try! I’m a firm believer in trying new things & practicing what I’m not great at.😅🙋🏽💪🏽 . Swing-Clean & Lunge Tips/what I’m working on: • cleaning the kettlebell while lunging, the movements should flow together, not be separate/jerky. • being more fluid like my inspo: @kettlebellexercises @strengthbymarcus 🙌🏽 . Swing-Clean-Press & Lunge • I added in pressing for extra fun & was act

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My meals: Super busy, longer days, w/ more activity (teaching classes, etc) so I gotta make sure I’m fueling properly.😅💪🏽 . Top left to bottom right: 1️⃣Breakfast: taters, brussel sprouts, turkey bacon, poached egg. 2️⃣Snack: Half a grapefruit. 3️⃣Lunch: Taco Salad (recipe for ground turkey taco meat is on my page) 4️⃣Post Workout Shake (recipe is on my page) 5️⃣Snack: Half a Roasted Acorn Squas

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Low Back Pain & Tight Hips are often related. Try these moves!! Appreciate your body, invest in mobility!! 🙋🏽💪🏽 . Take your time, go very slow, this video is sped up to fit. Do for as long as you want, throw on some tunes, watch some tv in the background, just get it done.😘😁👍🏽 . Looking for more in depth & awesome Mobility Drills? I suggest: @moveolution @themobilitymethod @roydianchan 🙌🏽 . . #mob

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Yıldızlarımızdan herkese günaydınlar 🤗🌟🌟, harika bir gün olsun 🙏🏻 . . . ☁️ pil ile çalışır, ☁️ışık sistemi hazır bir şekildedir, siz sadece pil takıp açma düğmesine basacaksınız☺️ ☁️gece lambası olarak çok rahat kullanılabilir, . . DM yada yorumlara geri dönüş yapılamamaktadır, . . Ürünler ile ilgili tüm soru ve siparişleriniz için, isterseniz profilimizdeki linkten( ), ist

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"Nak ke mana tu. Alang-alang dah keluar. Baik terus menuju ke hati saya. Chia chia chiaaa." - bicara sepasang kebaya salma satin super gojes lagi harga murah meletop letop. Ada yang borong berpasang-pasang. . Butik Bangi Sentral - Butik Alor Setar - Personal Shopper. 10PG - 630 PTG . . PEMBELIAN ONLINE MELALUI WHATSAPP Klik link ini : . #hijrahfelinnalover #hijr

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Halooo Sahabat #Pehkediri, dapat salam dari Stonehenge (Batu purba) , Wiltshire, Inggris 😄😄 . Mimin mau buka cabang #Pehinggris 😂 . Stonehenge yang terletak 13 km barat laut Salisbury, Wiltshire, Inggris, merupakan sebuah tempat bersejarah yang penuh dengan misteri. Bagaimana tidak, monument yang terdiri dari batu-batu besar bisa berdiri dengan sendirinya dan membentuk berjajar melingkar. Para ahl

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@cappuccinoksa ・・・ #Delicious #Burgers are always a great choice when hunger rings its bell! البرغر دائما ما يكون خيارا شهيا لوجبة الغداء ! زورونا اليوم في #كابتشينو_جراند_كافيه واستمتعوا بأطباق مختلفة ورائعة! #CappuccinoGrandCafeKSA

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Все как всегда 💕весело и по делу!)))✨👊🏼✨ребята! @diyacademy Спасибо!✨❤️✨ #bosch #электроинструмент #diyacademy #diyакадемияbosch #столярнаямастерская #открытаяреклама

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Yeiihh Gaji guru honorer dan pegawai pemkot dari sekarang hanya Rp 1,5 juta bakal dinaikan menjadi Rp 2,8 juta. aamiin Ya Allah.. Memang sudah seharusnya diatas UMR. 😇 THANKS PAK @sarimuda_id programnya sangat membantu. . SRIPOKU.COM, PALEMBANG - - Pasangan calon Walikota dan wakil Walikota Palembang Sarimuda dan Abdul Rozak sudah menyampaikan  visi dan misi di Kantor DPRD Kota Palembang Jalan Gub

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Lucha por tus sueños, nunca te des por vencido. La jornada no va a ser fácil pero al final vale la pena todo el trabajo y sacrificio. No te rindas 💙 #mondayMotivation