Divya @brooklynandbaileydv on Instagram photo October 18

My friends Kyleigh and Kendall aka @brooklyn.baileyyyy and @braileyscandyland met Brooklyn and Bailey! 🎉 I am genuinely really happy for you guys! Congrats ❤️

Divya @brooklynandbaileydv on Instagram photo September 21

Will never forget these two video in which they said my name and showed the card and letter I sent them 💕 I am really thankful, I love you Brooklyn and Bailey @brooklynandbailey ❤️

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К805, Нереально красивые и очень удобные Christian Louboutin Follies Strass 100. Новые! Размер 39. Стоили 1095$. Цена 33.900₽

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Cumartesiyi pazara bağlayan gecede aradığınız huzuru yanı başınıza getiriyoruz; Uykudan Sonra 00:00’da sizlerle..! Buyrun Karavan başına! • 🌜

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!!!! 🌻Jynx🌻 🍂Follow @purelyoof for some wholesome positivity memes🍂 👏🏾Message @hgf223 to 81010 for daily reminders 🌻Tumblr: Pansexualoof 🌻Snap:PannsexualOof 🌹Kik:Pansexualoof They/Pansexual/Non Binary 🌸We Have A Thiscrush!🌸 🌼Please Remember To Eat, Drink Water, Take Your Meds, And Get Some Sleep! You Deserve It 🌼 • • DO NOT ENGAGE BIGOTS • • #Lgbteens #aromantic #asexual #bisexual #bodypositive #c

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久しぶりのツーショット。ちゃんと撮ってもらったのは10年前の結婚した時と、7年前のたおがお腹にいる時ぶりで嬉しかったな〜😚その時も @hamuumah のなおっぺに撮ってもらいました。気心知れた友達に撮ってもらうとリラックスしてどれも自然〜。夫と出会った頃の16年前の写真も出てきて、やっぱり写真現像しておきたいなーと思いました。時々見ると、あの時の風景や匂いまで思い出すなー。2人とも老けたなー。太ったなー。シワシワよぼよぼになっても隣に居ようねー。よろしくねー。

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👍👉@dita.by💇👄💅🏻👱🏻‍♀️👍. 💇👄💅🏻👱🏻‍♀️👍👉📲+375296542323(📲 /Viber 📝) Или ☎️254 23 23 ☎️314 11 99 Наберите и девочки вас с ориентируют по наличию и цене это телефоны непосредственно в сам магазин 🙂 👍👉@dita.by💇👄💅🏻👱🏻‍♀️👍🙂._______________________________👍#minsk#салонминск#стилистминск #окраскаминск#волосыминск #окрашиваниеволосминск #модныелюди #уходзаволосамиминск #локаныминск #минскногти #маникюрминск #baeb

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Instagram Pose VS Real Life 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am not quite sure what happened but I’m pretty sure this bloat correlates with a the extensive amount of sweetener I have had today!! This is something that I, theoretically, want to cut down on... but realistically will take a tad more will power than I currently have 🙈 Bloating is totally normal, different things make different people bloat and there are so m

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ده‌ها وکیل خواستار پذیرش پرونده بازداشتی‌های اخیر در ایران شدند #BBCPersian #ایران #بازداشت #شدگان