Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo February 15

I don't always wear workout clothes and sometimes I even clean up halfway decent lol. Although I do have to admit that finding non-workout clothes that fit well for a muscular woman is extremely challenging. Apparently all clothing designers think we're either shaped like twigs or pears and those of us with athletic builds are left with surprisingly few options. #musclegirlproblems #girlswholif

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I'm so excited to be speaking at this amazing event!!! 😄 I hope to see all you ladies there! 👭💪❤ @Regranned from @kortney_olson - I can’t EVEN !!!! GR18 April 28/29th weekend. @rosenamajunas @megsquats @onestrongnurse @melodeemeyer @tiffanyjanescott @janaemariekroc @freyjanorse @alicia_ramos81 @moviestar_honeybadger @vsfwiryss @yasminadlv @inspirationaleve @eventsbykirk @searcyfelicia @jaccarly @

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#fbf There's 45lbs difference in my bodyweight between these two pics. The pic on the left was taken about 2 and a 1/2 years ago shortly after I was outed. This was after I had lost 72 pounds and was the lightest I'd been in over 20 years. You see I thought I had to lose well over 100 pounds to meet this feminine ideal that the media and society pushes on us in order to be happy and feel confiden

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo January 26

Hate. Being different in today's world certainly opens you up to a lot of hate and I frequently get more than my fair share. Especially when one of my pictures or training videos is shared on someone else's page or site the trolls and cowards jump all over it. It usually starts with homophobic and transphobic slurs and often progresses to threats of violence and sometimes even murder. I'm frequen

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo January 16

I'm super excited to be part of this amazing event hosted by women's strength coalition to benefit homeless LGBTQ youth!!! 👍💪 I will be deadlifting here but before the haters start freaking out it's an exhibition only and I will not be trying to break any records or anything like that so everyone please chill lol. @Regranned from @womensstrengthcoalition - WSC is excited to announce that Janae M

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A little #transformationtuesday action for you guys, gals, and everyone in between! 😘 The unusual part of my transformation pics is that they're all less than six months old and on any given day I can look like anyone of them. Some days I'm ultra fem, sometimes quite masculine, and often a various mix of the two. I tried so hard for so long to fit into one box or another and no matter what box th

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo January 9

Got some new hurrs.💇‍♀️ As much as it frustrates me to not be able to grow my own hair out I do really enjoy trying new colors and styles. And just to keep it real I was experimenting with makeup too so I wasn't wearing any foundation and my skin looked terrible in the bright light so the IG filter gods showed me some love lol. What do you guys think of this look? 🤔 #filteredaf #transgender #ge

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo January 8

Gave a mini bench clinic yesterday in my basement gym to some of the #teamkroc members. We went over setup, bar path, foot placement, leg drive, etc. and after training was the best part, eating and conversation. All of these guys and gals have meets coming up in March and April and I can't wait to see them all hitting PRs! @salem_ash920 @the_zarrstarr @aissa_baby @karissa_mari @logankroczaleski

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#teamkroc did some team training together today at #royaloakgym Big Ryan @iam1him worked up to an easy 690 lb squat today, @aissa_baby @huffle_buff and @karissa_mari hammered out their own squat sessions, @the_zarrstarr worked on her bolder shoulders and I did some benching working up to a 585lb reverse band single which is a post estrogen therapy PR for me. 💪

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo December 13

Belated shout out to #teamkroc member, @karissa_mari Karissa went 9 for 9 with PRs in all three lifts at the APF Michigan Fall Classic setting state records in both the bench and the squat! Nice job girl! 🏋️‍♀️🏆👍 She'll be lifting in the amateur division at the Women's Pro Am in April and we can't wait to see what kind of numbers she puts up there! #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #girlswithmusc

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo December 9

#Repost @grrrl_clothing (@get_repost) ・・・ #GL18 TIX ➡️ [ GRRRL.COM ] We are SO 😁 EXCITED to have the incredible Janae Kroc @janaemariekroc join us in Vegas for GRRRL Live 2018! 😍💜 . Janae Marie “Kroc” Kroczaleski is a transgender woman and was one of the most successful and popular athletes in the sport of powerlifting prior to her transition. She was known for her training intensity, mental tough

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo December 7

www.janaekroc.com is live!!! I finally have my new website up and running! Come check it out to purchase team Kroc t-shirts, training and diet programs, schedule speaking engagements and public appearances, get the latest info on the documentary "Transformer" and just learn a little bit more about me. ☺ Link is in my bio or just type janaekroc.com in your browser. And please let me know what you

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo December 6

I've said this many times before but strength has no gender. Our entire lives we're told and conditioned to believe that strength is for men and that women should be meek, soft, and passive. But nothing could be further from the truth. Strength, courage, competitiveness, and tenacity have nothing to do with being male or female, masculine or feminine. We are also told that if a woman gets too stro

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo December 4

I really like this pic, especially because of how it brings my past and present together. One of the biggest thrills of my powerlifting career was getting to compete on the wpo stage against many of the best lifters in the world in front of thousands of fans at the Arnold Classic. Winning there in 2006 remains one of the absolute highlights for me and is an experience I will never forget. #WPO #a

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo November 29

I just wanted to share a few pics from my recent photo shoot with @jessicagliesman Jes is an amazing photographer and an even more amazing woman who I'm lucky to call a good friend of mine. If you're looking for a skilled photographer I highly recommend her and she does everything from weddings to Boudoir shoots and she's amazing at all of them. You can check her out @vavavoomboudoir and @jessica

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo November 16

So for the first time in a long time I'm trying really hard to put some real size on but also remain lean. This summer my weight was back up to 245 to 250 but I was a little fluffier than I like to be. Last month I dieted from there all the way down to 217 and was pleased with how much I had leaned up. Now I'm Switching gears into a lean gain phase and so far I've added about 15 to 20 pounds back

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo November 14

Looking back. I often think back to a little over a decade ago when I first started dealing with all of my transgender feelings. I remember how terrified I was back then and how difficult it was for me when I first started sharing with people all of who I am. And how worried I was about my future and how things might turn out. I like to think that if I could travel back in time and show my old se

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo November 10

Happy Birthday to all my Marine Corps brothers and sisters! Oorah Devil Dogs! So many great memories and brothers for life from those days. It seems impossible that it was that long ago. I miss all of you guys and especially those that we lost. Please feel free to tag anyone that's in these photos as i had a hard time trying to find everyone on here. Scroll right for more old school pics! #usmc

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo November 9

Wanted to give a shout out to my home girl and client @aissa_baby for her amazing performance at Relentless this past weekend in Detroit. Not only did she go 9 for 9 and hit PR's in every lift but her total was a hundred pound PR as well! She went 396-265-402 1063! Her execution of every lift was perfect as well and would have passed in any fed. And while all of her lifts were impressive her bench

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo November 6

I've been slacking on posting training videos lately so I'm going to try harder to be more consistent with that. This was my deload week on bench which was a good thing since my right shoulder and left elbow are pretty FUBAR'd at the moment. This was 405x10 for five sets with reverse bands. I did some inclines after this and finished with body weight stretch push ups till failure. #girlswholift #

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo November 6

I loved doing this podcast with the amazing girls at @empoweredbyiron 👍💪❤ #Repost @empoweredbyiron (@get_repost) ・・・ We got to talk to @janaemariekroc right before she went to the @austinfilmfest where the documentary about her life after she was publicly outed and her transition as a transgendered woman, @transformerfilm won best feature length documentary! We had such an amazing and thought prov

Janae Marie @janaemariekroc on Instagram photo November 3

I've been getting a lot of questions about whether or not I'm training clients again. The answer is yes! I am currently taking on new clients so if you're looking for a coach that has almost three decades of experience at the highest levels of the sport, and was also an all time world record holder DM me for details. I've worked with athletes ranging from professional powerlifters, bodybuilders,

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