Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 20

Happy birthday, @veganjayde 👯‍♀️ Here’s to the best year yet 💕

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 17

Best friend, business parter, baby daddy 😜👯‍♀️ I won’t get too sappy because im gonna hit you with that in a few days for your bday but I will say I’m so grateful to have you by my side and I’m so grateful for the paparazzi who caught this cute candid family photo lol @jaydenicole

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 15

Question for all of my non vegan friends and followers (specifically those who love animals!) - what prevents you from going vegan? No judgement or arguing in the comments please, I genuinely want to understand people’s perspective here 🙏🏽💕 P.S. I got my own damn self flowers and the most insanely delicious desserts from @cupmycakez yesterday. Seriously I can’t recommend her highly enough and I fe

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I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. As a kid I found it so fun to pass out notes and treats to everyone in class and I still try to surprise my friends and make them feel extra loved on this day. Plus, any excuse to eat chocolate is okay by me. I understand the frustration with companies exploiting this holiday but I think there are things we can do to make it real and use the opportunity to make a

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 14

My Valentine. ❤️ My soulmate. My sweetest surprise. I don’t even know the question yet but I know you’re the answer. I’ve gotten a million things wrong in this life but man, did I get one thing right.

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 12

How do we get so lost that we start caring more about anatomy than souls? I watch this little bug grow and can’t imagine ever making him feel wrong for loving. I love my parents but they failed me there. The only person I am concerned with my child loving is himself. I hope he loves himself so much that it will prevent him from loving certain people who would hurt him, as I’ve done. I hope he lo

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 6

There is nothing wrong with doing things to make yourself feel more beautiful, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your health, the environment, and others! Traditional nail salons and products are SO 🚫toxic🚫. Formaldehyde, resin, and other cancer causing and birth defect causing chemicals are rampant in those places. They waste so much water, pollute the earth, and exploit and endanger primaril

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Flashback to four and a half months pregnant when everyone thought @jaydenicole and I were lying because we didn’t wan to party with them. (We didn’t want to, but we weren’t lying 😂). Should we go to Cabo or Cancún? Which do you prefer and why?!

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 3

I AM SCREAMING! I didn’t put them like this, I turned around for a second and Rio started laughing so I turned back and they were like this 😭❤️❤️ Do you think I’m raising an animal whisperer or nah? #veganbaby

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 3

Did you know UGGs were made for the beach? Did you also know they are made from skinning lambs?? 😭💔 When i was younger I didn’t know and I was horrified to find out. I don’t think we should skin animals for any reason, definitely not for shoes. The boots I’m wearing are completely cruelty free. They are from @pawj.california which is owned by an incredible woman who rescues animals and fights for

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 2

Just like when I was pregnant, everything I eat now my baby eats so I am still very careful about only eating organic fruits and veggies. That being said, with starting the business (and still running @littleloverescue) I’ve had next to no time to prepare meals every day. There are so many meal delivery services but almost none have vegan plans. A couple weeks ago I started trying out @thistleco a

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo February 1

Single mom and soon to be business owner 💪🏽 I’m so excited to show you guys what we’ve been working so hard on for the past year. Having Rio on my own made me so determined to create a better future for him and give him every opportunity possible. People told me I wouldn’t be able to do it once I had him, but he has been right there with us through every meeting and investor pitch and brainstormin

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 30

I’m so excited and hopeful about all the people who have messaged me saying they are trying to go vegan! You will each save roughly 200 animals a year!! Not to mention you will be decreasing your carbon footprint and improving your health 🙌🏽 (guess I did mention it lol). Some of you have been asking how you can be vegan and travel - just get a little creative! There weren’t any vegan items on the

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 28

Do you have a dog trainer you love? I’m looking for the best trainer in LA (or really anywhere in Southern California). Please tag any you have great experiences with!

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 27

We had the best girls’ day at @malibusafaris yesterday for @ryleebreen’s birthday 🎂 I love that they are looking to rescue a friend for Stanley since giraffes are not naturally solitary animals (he’s with another animal bud but it would be amazing for him to have another giraffe to be with!) Since Stanley was unfortunately raised by a human, he doesn’t know how to be a wild giraffe so they are loo

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 23

Sweet baby, I’m going to do everything I can to give you the best possible life. ❤️

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 22

I’ve done hundreds of shelter runs and it’s never easy. Every time you’re there you know some of the animals you meet will be dead soon. You know no matter how hard you try, you can’t save them all because people won’t stop breeding animals and buying from breeders. I can almost disassociate just to make it through and be as effective as possible. But some days hit me really hard. This is Everest;

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 21

Americans love everything about Mexican culture aside from actual Mexicans. They love making trendy shirts about eating tacos and dancing off beat to Mexican music at parties and they especially enjoy exploiting Mexican workers with long hours and low pay. But they consistently target Mexican immigrants who have come here to work hard and provide for their families. They make them live in fear of

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 14

A perfect day with a perfect boy 💕winter in so cal is rough ;) P.S. did you see my story? Rio rolled over today 😭😍 such a funny thing to be excited about but it’s incredible to watch little humans learn and grow

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 10

If you watch my stories you know I've been researching the beauty industry and the harmful chemicals that are in SO many of our favorite products. ❗️🚫Having Rio made me want to be super aware of what I was absorbing into my body for his sake and mine. What I have learned is seriously disturbing. I'm going to share smalls bits of information at a time because it's a lot to take in and was kind of o

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 6

A few months ago, I was notified about a man selling baby foxes on Craigslist. Authorities had been notified but refused to do anything. Because scams involving exotics are so common, it was assumed to be fake and wasn't being prioritized. A fellow rescuer and I took it upon ourselves to launch an undercover investigation. I posed as a buyer and collected as much information as possible until we n

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 2

Here's to a year of more nights like these. More time with people like these. People who embrace and support and love with their whole souls. People who speak up, speak out, and are constantly seeking to better themselves. Here's to another year of being endlessly inspired by the people I am lucky enough to call friends.

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo January 1

Ringing in the new year with a tit out has to be a good omen. ✨🙌🏽 Bye, 2017. You were a major bitch but you also brought me my little soul mate so we'll call it even.

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo December 27

I would brutally murder anyone on the planet to save you - no one is safe.

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo December 26

The merriest Christmas yet ❤️🎁 I love that my animals all understand that holidays are special, even though it means they woke me up at the crack of dawn so I'd give them their stockings 😂 My dog literally pouted watching us open presents until she got hers. Animals are so smart and connected and are such a huge part of my childhood holiday memories - I'm excited they will be for Rio too! What was

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo December 19

A year ago I never would have expected my life to be like this. I didn't think I'd be a single mom celebrating my baby's first Christmas. I'm determined to give him the best life possible and we have been working so hard on our new project so that I can do so. I won't lie, it's hard to do it alone. Financially of course, but also emotionally. I want someone to love him as much as I do. There are s

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo December 18

Get you a best friend who adopts a wolf with you 😜👯 We've been visiting @wolfconnection for a few years now, and every visit I am still blown away by these magnificent animals. This org is incredible - I've been lucky enough to partner with them with my rescue @littleloverescue and will continue to do so. They have saved so many lives not only by providing sanctuary but by educating people about w

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo December 11

Today I have known you three months and forever. When I was little I used to picture the love of my life. My soulmate. This was never what I envisioned. I've never been so happy to have been wrong.

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo December 11

My best friend got married last night and I had the best wedding date of all time.

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo November 27

Happy bachelorette @courtnickel sorry we got too drunk to take a cute pic but I think that's how it's supposed to be 😂 also @shorebar_sm is our new favorite bar and we are going back immediately come thru

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo November 24

Super thankful for vegan conchas and rescue dogs 😻 I haven't had pan dulce this good since I was a kid 😭🙌🏽 thank you @yourveganfriend! We don't have to harm animals to have our favorite foods 💕

Brittany Littleton @brittanylittleton on Instagram photo November 21

I've been getting a lot of questions about my pregnancy and being a mom so I'm going to start trying to answer more of them! When I was carrying Rio, the ultrasound technician told me three times I was having a girl. He was constantly moving so she could never give me a clear picture but she told me she had only been wrong twice in 35 years. Guess we were the third time lol! I knew I was having a

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Serikali imepokea bajeti ya mazishi ya Aquilina Aqulin ya Tshs milioni 80 ila haitakabidhi fedha kwa familia isipokuwa itaangalia mambo ya msingi na kuyagharamikia - Jana familia hiyo ilitengeneza bajeti kwa ajili ya mazishi mkoani Kilimanjaro yenye makadirio ya milioni 80 na kuikabidhi kwa muwakilishi wa serikali - Baada ya Serikali kuona bajeti hiyo ya makisio na kuona vitu vingine vikiwa na mak

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متى اخر مرا سافرتو🌚🗺؟ . . . الشنط كيوت😭💕💕أشكال والالوان تحتارون والله😭انصحكم تطلبون من عندها الجودة والسعر😍💜ضيفوها تسوي تخفيضات وعروض لا يفوتكم🌸اجمل متجر للشنط✨عندها توصيل لدول الخليج💕 @s55444 @s55444 #اعلان_نانا

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DIJUAL TERPISAH crop bustier TOP cupbra all size fit L kcl ecer 110 grosir 100 length 45cm cardigan bahanlace import tebal all size ecer 150 grosir 140 length 75-80cm highwaist hotpants uk ML only ecer 140 grosir 130 bag sling import ecer grosir 100 IMPORT READYSTOCK DENPASAR format order: nama,alamat,no hp, krm gmbr brg yg dipesan no HIT n RUN pleaseee line/whatsup : 0817309239 facebook : t

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Матч мужской сборной по хоккею между Россией и Норвегией завершился победой наших со счетом 6:1💪

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Punya masalah wajah kusam, berjerawat, dan berflek hitam? Nih coba perawatan VR Skincare, cream perawatan wajah dari dokter kecantikan yang mengatasi masalah kulit wajah dalam waktu 10-14 hari. Tekstur cream lembut, tidak lengket dan mudah diaplikasikan diwajah. Aman untuk ibu hamil & menyusui. Bisa untuk cewek & cowok. Selain itu ada perawatan badan dan treatment bibir juga loh. Cek ratusan testi

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HARUNA NIYONZIMA AENDA INDIA KWA AJILI YA MATIBABU Baada ya Mchezaji wa Klabu ya Simba Haruna Niyonzima kukaa nje ya Uwanja kwa Juma kadhaa kutokana na kuwa Majeruhi sasa ameenda Nchini India kwa ajili ya Matibabu ya Mguu wake wa kulia unaomsumbua. Haruna aliondoka jana hapa Nchini na kuelekea India na Leo Asubuhi amefika Nchini humo kwaajili ya Mtibabu yake. Akizungumza na Wordsports14 kwa nji

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😱💥ยอดสั่งจองกัน ถล่มทลาย ^^ ใครมีบุญละวาสนาได้ไป.... จัดมาเอาใจสาวๆกันหน่อย(อีก รุ่น ของใจเริง)🔥 รับประกันเห็นตัวจริงต้องร้อง กรี๊ดๆๆแน่นอน!!! 😱😱😱 กระเป๋า Tu'i bag รุ่น Victor เรียกได้ว่าเป็นกระเป๋า อีกรุ่นที่มีกระแส แรงที่สุดตอนนี้อีกรุ่น 👍✨✨ เรียกได้รุ่นนี้ขึ้นแท่นเป็น IT bag ใบใหม่ ที่เหล่าบรรดา ดาราละเซเล็บ มองหาที่อยากจะเป็นเจ้าของ ด้วยงาน ออกแบบที่โดนใจ ใครเห็นก็ต้องมอง ละจะทนกันไหวได้ไงอ่ะ

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Aura spray ini banyak manfaatnya loh,seperti : 👉🏼menghilangkan bau badan 👉🏼memutihkan dan menghaluskan ketiak 👉🏼merontokkan bulu ketiak 👉🏼menghilangkan bekas luka 👉🏼mengobati penyakit kulit termasuk gatal2 akibat alergi 👉🏼mencegah keputihan yg berlebihan 👉🏼mencegah terjadinya kanker serviks dan rahim pada wanita. . Jadi, selain masalah bau badan dan ketiak hitam, @aura_spray ini multifungsi yang d

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Мошенники обманули жительницу Владивостока при покупке дома в Таиланде. Сотрудники полиции проводят проверку по факту мошеннических действий в отношении горожанки. Женщина передала крупную сумму за покупку дома за границей и оказалась обманутой. По информации источника в правоохранительных органах, в полицию обратилась жительница одного из домов на 100-летия Владивостока и сообщила о том,

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🌈รับตัวแทนจำหน่ายทั่วประเทศ เปิดบิลเริ่มต้นที่ 10/380 บาท อะๆ กำไร 310 บาทอะแกก 💗. . พกเงินพกใจพกไปมาโล้ดดดด❗ มีกลุ่มเทรนให่เข้า มีรูปรีวิว+ลายน้ำ+แคปชั่นให้ แม่ทีมดูแลอย่างดี🔥#ทีมสุมิน #สายติ๊กพารวย #รวยยกทีม #รับตัวแทนจำหน่าย