@ra_ckz on Instagram photo September 11

Ya man thinks im dreamy 👽

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo September 11

I took this pic for the sole purpose of flo$$in on the gram fleeky ass eyebrows, lashes on 100, coffin nailz will body you square tip preschool fingerpainting thumb thumb looking hoochies (that's not a sub I just hate square tip nails with a passion 😑😑) lmao yahh i kno my hair looking brazy 🤣 but a bitch was feeling herself okayyyy

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo September 10

Whenever I am feeling down and need to escape I go wherever the water runs... rivers & beaches, my sanctuaries. Last time I was in Miami (last month?) I was so upset, I went to south beach and just sat in the water praying and crying for guidance, assistance, encouragement... I was there all day just envisioning the water cleansing me. I didn't leave until 11pm.... hours of sitting in the sand sur

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo September 6

Hey guysss! I have new content coming soon 🤗🤗🤗 #SINNERS #spiritualsexualshorties. PATREON users, I'll be posting unedited content/ behind the scenes/ bloopers. Stay tunedddd 😊😊😊 thx for being so patient 🙌🏽🙏🏽 🎥@theebarker

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo September 6

One of those rainy days where my hair is a mess & my shirt a lil linty but I can still bag a thottie on my bummy shit ooouuu

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo September 5

Lock you down & throw away the key, & I ain't nvr gon release it grl. We can break up 3x a week but I ain nvr gon leave, grl 😎

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo August 29

Just WHEREEE do you think you're going? 😭

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo August 28


 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo August 22

Now your mouth wide... you looking real scared 👀 I'm a man-eater, head hunter... I'm prepared 👹 @trinarockstarr

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo August 21


 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo August 20

Let em knw we bout that cake str8 out the gate. We independent women, some mistake us for whores... I'm sayin, why spend mine when I can spend yours? @lilkimthequeenbee

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo August 11

This drink is called "fuck me hard" 🙃

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo August 4

But I know that God put you in front of me So how the hell could you front on me? There's a thousand you's, there's only one of me 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ #goodmoaning #wassupdoe

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo August 3

I'm a rockstarrrr 🤘🏼

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo July 30

Fuck a beach I'm sippin piñas out tha bando

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo July 29

All that love shit disgust me, don't kiss me don't hug me. I can't say that I love you back cus my heart jus ain't set up like that 🦄✨

 @ra_ckz on Instagram photo July 28

~I'm so groovy~ I got powers~

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เสื้อผ้าCopbrand/งานเกาหลี @shopmamko on Instagram photo September 20
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ฟรีไซน์ ไหมพรม Sale 370 บาท ปกติ 790 บาท เสื้อยาว 24 กป ยาว 26

Coach Armando Fogaça 🇺🇸🇧🇷 @armando_fogaca on Instagram photo September 20
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⠀ ⠀ Shoutout to my dedicated client @edparis ⠀ Consistency is the Key for your success 🤞🏼 ⠀ ✉️ armandofcoach@gmail.com ⠀ @1upnutrition 🤞🏼

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🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 pray for more shorty.......... ain't nothing wrong with her she just still releasing these toxic gases and omitting anthrax level fumes from Taco Tuesday! NO MORE TACOS PARA MI!!!!! #popiando 😂😂😂😂😂 needless to say it's quiet for taco Tuesday for a little bit so she tight pray for her! Had that last one on deck about to release that upon me. NAHHHHHH! Hold it down babydoll! Why you got a ful

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❤️Jas+ Gagan ❤️ Like the flowers a new relationship builds with time and leaves its fragrance forever to remember. Video by- @deepikasdeepclicks

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New!!! Lace Patinya Top. มี 4สีคะ ดำ ขาว แดง ชมพู มี 3 ไซส์ ไซส์ S รอบอก 40-46** ไซส์ L รอบอก 46-50** ไซส์ XL รอบอก 50-54** ราคา:549บาท (ความยาว 26-27-28") เป็นผ้าลูกไม้ Patinya แบรนด์ดัง ดาราเซเลปนิยมใส่กัน ผ้าลูกไม้มีซับในให้คะ ด้านหลังมีโบว์ติด ที่หลังคอยู สวมใส่สบาย ใส่ไปงานออกงานได้หมดคะ ห้ามพลาดนะคะ... ^^งานร้อมส่ง วันเสาร์ที่ 21/9 นี้คะ^^

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#BRTC #비알티씨 #올리브영 #초미세먼지 #안티폴루션 #퍼펙트카밍클렌징오일 #순하게원스텝 #안티폴루션클렌징오일 #클렌징오일 #클렌징오일추천 #화해화장품설문회 #순한클렌징오일만족도95% . . 써보면 진짜 놀라게되는 저자극 클렌징오일 초미세먼지도 1회 세정으로 90프로 이상 제거된다는 놀라운 실력 . 타투파운데이션도 깨끗하게 지워주는 너란녀석 . 애정해 😉😉 . . https://goo.gl/uePGVL . . #kbeauty #cleansing #fff #l4l

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Thinking of Mexico City and all it's history, vibrancy and community. @kikiwandering and I spent time in southern Mexico in 2015 and it was the final push of inspiration we needed to make @longweekendstore a reality. We flew over this majestic city many times scheming on how we could extend our trip to explore its meandering streets. Sending love and strength to everyone in Mexico. I know anyone w

SocialTeesNYC @socialteesnyc on Instagram photo September 20
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It's like puppy WWF over here when Moss and Marilee are on the scene. These rambunctious little Collie mixes are about 10 weeks old, will probably be in the 30s or 40s weight wise full grown, are very sweet and playful, learn fast, and would do best in active homes. They are total crowd pleasers everywhere they go, and Marilee's insanely blue eyes literally stop people in their tracks and their ja

Scarlet Gruber @scarlet_gruber on Instagram photo September 20
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La actriz @anabreco está recolectando dinero para ayudar a las victimas, el ÚNICO link para donaciones está en su bio de Instagram. Toda ayuda aporta...

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New!!! T-Shirt flower Chanel. (มีทั้งแขนสั้น และแขนยาวนะคะ) แขนยาว:389 บาท มี 4 สี คะ ดำ ขาว ชมพูโอรส เทา มี 3 ไซส์ ไซส์ S รอบอก 40-46 ไซส์ L รอบอก 46-50 ไซส์ XL รอบอก 50-54 (ความยาว 27-28-29") เป็นผ้ายืด Cotton 100% เนื้อดี ใส่สบายมากๆ ไม่ร้อนคะ งานปัก ลายดอก Chanel เบรนด์ดัง สุดชิคล์ ลายฮิตอินเทรนใส่ได้ไม่เบื่อ แมทช์กับอะไรก็เข้า คะ น่ารักมากๆ คะ ห้ามพลาดนะคะ.. (แขนยาว เข้ามาก่อนนะคะ แขนสั้นยา