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So this happened.😜 If you read my birth story on the first #pouponnahyan post, I was trying my best to go through normal delivery. Above, i already knew what was the initial problem. I was having contractions a lot but Nahyan was not engaged just yet. So I decided to do some squats and do a little bit of dancing with @oana_theofficial shawl!!😝 This was at 10-15mins interval contractions🙈Helps to o

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Salam Jumaah Everyone! ❤️ Assalamualaikum, Bonjour and Hello world:) I am Nahyan Bilal Jeanpierre and I was born on 10th November 2017 at 7.54pm. Weighing 3.8kg and 57cm long:) Today, I want to share with you my maman's birth story. On 9th Nov at 4.30am, maman's waterbag burst while she was sleeping. Night before, she did squats and zumba with papa, aunty Nini and cousin Naila in hope that I will

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I cannot believe we will be able to meet you real soon. You have been a precious gem inside me and you will continue to be our precious lil poupon in this world💋My pregnancy journey was not totally a breeze but i am so grateful for every single moment that I have been through. Motherhood will be such an amazing experience...I can't wait to experience it🤗 To my lovely husband, Bilal Jeanpierre❤️Yo

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When you are heavily pregnant with a water retention face ( nose, eyes n cheeks) n still want to look sharp and slim, you centre part your hair ok😂🙈😂 Thank you hair god mama @tanangeline_ for always knowing whats best for my hair ❤️❤️ @fdpsalon #fdpsalon #haircolor #hairstyles

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#thepouponswedjunior Jungle Nursery room is finally ready😍😍Thank you @tulusid for being so patient with la maman et le papa poupon😝 Just waiting for his baby cot arriving this week! Ahhh So excited🙈🙏🏽🙈 How to explain this feeling when you are EXCITED, NERVOUS AND EMOTIONAL ALL AT THE SAME TIME? Meanwhile, Im going to pack my hospital bag and DECIDE ON YOUR NAME😂! #thepouponswed #thepouponswedjuni

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SOUND ON❗️❗️ N THIS IS WHY I ❤️ YOU SO MUCH BILAL😂😂😂😂 #alwayslayani #healwaysentertainsme #evenwhenheissupersleepy Been a while since i tested his malay vocabulary. We made sure that everyday i learn 5 new french words and he learns 5 new malay words. I cannot tahan how he can just come up with his own words and sound so confident at the same time. Bilal, u are amazing❤️ Our bebe poupon will be s

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FREE LIPSTICKS?!?! 💄💄💄SAY WHUTTTTT. YES! #maccosmeticssg is giving away free lipstick from 5-8 October with any purchase of two of your fave MAC products! The colours are from left: Girl About Town, M.A.C Red, So Chaud, Sin, Stone & Honey Love 😍 I can't get enough of the nude shades, I am getting my lips smacked on those for sure😝 PS: Exclusion applies, while supplies last! So hurry and come down

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As i walked into lil poupon's nursery room today, looking at the jungle themed wallpaper done up by @tulusid heart was filled with excitement and i became a little bit teary, just thinking how far Bilal and I have come together from day 1 since we first met. I am actually very much overwhelmed that we are expecting our first newborn in just a few weeks. Im so blessed, so excited, so happy, n

Nadiah M.Din @nadiahmdin on Instagram photo September 28

Super throwback to 2011 @tnpnewface with my darling @r.spyke 💋 Misss you much, I hope everything is good on your end bb!!❤️ Ps: I doubt i will be able to get back to that shape😂😂😂 #dreamon #sisterlove #tnpnewface #brownies

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What a great night judging the finals of @tnpnewface . Thank you for having me as one of the judges:) My sister, @dasimakaya my niece Nurin and my beloved mama enjoyed it a lot too❤️ Once again, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS! My outfit by: @fatimahmohsin @fatimahmohsintwg Make up and Hair: @ishqbynorazee @nora_zee_makeupartist Official photo: @tnpnewface and @hamierulofficial Sister's black

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While Le poupon's nursery room is on the way, the mama got her vanity table ready as well😝❤️😝 Ah Im so happy with the end result!!! EXACTLY WHAT I ENVISIONED it to be. Thank you @tulusid and @decoriia for being so patient with me and creating this awesome vanity table. Im a happy lady now, ALL OF MY MAKE UPS WILL BE ORGANIZED PROPERLY-LIKE FINALLY. 😂💄💋💄#Tulusid #decoria #vanitytable #vanitymirror

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Weee!!! had my mini make over done at @sephorasg 🙈 You can have it too😘 Just pop by to any @sephorasg store and inform them that you would like a #makeovereatsephora and their make up artist will be happy to guide you through! It is so fun because you can refer to their lookbook and pick the make up look that you wish for😝 I obviously went for the bronze/natural look. Oh, you will get a 45 minute

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Trying to gain as much knowledge as possible with GUIDE TO BABY PLAY. 🙈👶🏻👶🏼🙈Im not kidding, I am feeling very excited but at the same time nervous. Time is ticking, baby is growing and #thepouponswedjunior is so active lately. I am at my 3rd trimester and we are so excited to see the lil poupon. I am already imagining us playing with him😝 Oh how exciting!!!!! #readingnationsg #whatareyoureadingsg

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It was such a pleasure to be invited as a panel speaker at Club Med's event last week, in Singapore. We sure had a lot of fun! Other panelists included @keweitay , Alvin Lim, @munahbagharib , Edmund Tay and @sezairi. The discussion was moderated by @reachadeline (Senior Director, Coperate Communications Asia- @viacom ) Thank you @clubmed for having us! @righthookcommunications ❤️

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Feeling lazy to get yourself ready for events or even out and about on a random day? You can get a mini-make over done at any @sephorasg stores for free and you are set to go! If you spend a minimum of $100 at @sephorasg, you can also pamper yourself for a full make over! Woot Woot! Time to get all pretty and pampered😍 Also, COMMENT BELOW- TAG 3 FRIENDS and stand a chance to redeem a 3-pcs Sephor

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14th August 2016, I married the man i truly deeply love~ Bilal Jeanpierre~ Today, marks our 1 Year Anniversary, time flies when you spend the days with the one very close to your heart. Thank you so much for everything, may we stay close and strong together always. In Sya Allah❤️ I can't wait to share with our lil poupon how amazing of a man you truly are😍 #1yearanniversary #nikah #solemnisation #

Nadiah M.Din @nadiahmdin on Instagram photo August 12

Our 1 Year Anniversary Surprise trip organised by Bilal❤️ Gerupuk, Lombok. He was so nice to put us in a very secluded area with literally no network and wifi. Deep in a forest. Far from the busy area and just us:) Baby is enjoying, kicking and kicking every time we are out and about❤️ Felt good without phone for the past three days🙈 But i guess i cannot tahan already, head out n drove to town and

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how cute is my hair from @trendywigs ? 🤩 use code kirbi30 for $ off your purchase.

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Happy Thanksgiving Photoshoot! 🍗🍗by @dotadoapparel Photographer: @alwayztherro

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🔥🔥 SYNADRENE 🔥🔥 Se você está procurando o Synedrex, este é o substituto ideal.  Synadrene foi desenvolvido pela Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals como uma alternativa para o Synedrex da Metabolic Nutrition. Synadrene é uma fórmula que está mais próximo do Synedrex original e utiliza o poderoso 1,3 de dmaa. BENEFÍCIOS SYNADRENE  Queima de gordura rapidamente;Diminui o apetite;Aumenta os níveis de energia;Co

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📣📣Novidades !📣📣 ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵ A Loja @lehonaplussize iniciou seu Black Friday 2017, oferecendo diversas opções de compras e o melhor da moda praia #plussize com até 35% de desconto. Acesse o site e compre peças incríveis com os melhores descontos. ↪Fiquem ligadas durante as "24 horas" de evento. Acompanhe sempre novas promoções da Loja @lehonaplussize .

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@makanan_pedasss #Repost (@get_repost) ・・・ @Regranned from @baksoclubid - Soto Bakso Sapi Wijaya - - Soto atau Bakso? Nih perpaduan soto dan Bakso jadi 1 ini bisa kalian jumpai di Bali dekat dengan Pasar Kuta, Berbeda dengan soto2 laen2nya menu makanan di warung punya Bapak Wijaya ini isinya potongan daging sapi, babat, kikil, tulang muda serta bakso. Trus lebih mantap lagi dita