@johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 25

there are #sausages and then there are THESE, nuff said. happy #weekend and I can't believe I have to be up this early on a Saturday 🙄😴😩

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 23

✨💛⚡️ this yellow is giving me life this week #ootd two days ago and new fave everything 😽

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 22

about last night celebrating @eggshopnyc and their #eggshopcookbook release 🍳⚡️🙌🏼💛 congrats to @saraheschneider and @nickkorbee such a fun night with music, bites, cocktails and @_hellohsc --the book is soooo beautiful, the pics are bomb and the writing SO much fun!! 😋

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 21

morning grind and this cute truck @lacolombecoffee ✌🏽☕️

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 20

when your hair and the palm tree kinda match; #tb to tanned skin, messy hair and hot summer days-happy 1st day of #spring and #happyMonday even tho I still can't people until about noon today 💋😜

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 19

this @winesfromspain cava was so good--reminds me of my honeymoon in Spain-really need to start playing the lotto so I can be on vacay indefinitely #onecandream #cheers ✌🏽🥂and loving my @byalexandrascarlett ring ❤hope you're all having a badass #weekend 💋

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 16

one more day till Friday and I'm tired AF but this is so cuteeeeeee and makes me think of wanting to visit the Amalfi Coast one day, k, bye. 💋

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 12

Hiiiiii and #happysunday and #bed goals @designwithinreach 👌🏽✔(p.s. it's freaking freezing out and I'm over it 😩, I'm also starting a cleanse to get ready for spring break vacay....eating all the wheat and dairy I can today cuz tomorrow I have to give them up! 😱)

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 10

obsessed with these tiles although I can't remember the name of the place this was at tho, will try to look it up, also, kinda digging my @zara flats I scored (on sale) #whatiworeyesterday when it was spring in NYC 🤷🏼‍♀️#readyforadrink #cheers

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 3

ok, so, this gluten-free pizza from @eatdrinkwild was the bomb, I normally prefer the $1.99 NY pizza on any given day, but this was damn good (also try their avocado toast and the sangria, yummmm, and the bartender was the sweetest-txs for the pizza!!) #pizza is life. #foodporn #eeeeeats #ilovefood #eatdrinkwild

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo March 2

hi!!!! 💋aaaannndd wearing my new DOPE statement ring (white tear drop stone) thanks to @madeinearthofficial (the stone is "Scolecite" and it's from India, it can also help you take control of your life (always up for that) and it helps transform your heart to accept love (so much YASS) 🖤🖤so worth a visit if you are ever on the LES (then stop at Tacombi Nolita for tacos after and life is complete 😜

 @johanna_mariel on Instagram photo February 28

corner table for two @lecoucou_nyc 🖤(if you haven't been, def #go) ✨

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Teresa Giudice @teresagiudice on Instagram photo March 27
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So proud of my baby @_giagiudice amazing weekend in Myrtle Beach for her cheer competition @star_teamstar they placed first, grand champs and best overall what an achievement ❤🏆#proudmommy #seniorgold

!shopwearhouse @shopwearhouse on Instagram photo March 27
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Отличные новости ✨ данная модель пальто вновь в наличии 😍 так же в сером цвете ✔️ ждём вас на примерку по адресу Ст с Маяковская Дмитровский переулок дом 3 🏡

ॐ साँई राम 🌻💛🌷LOVE SAIBABA 💐🙇🍒 @omsairam_sai_lovers_official on Instagram photo March 27
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🙇🙏Let us pray him with all our hearts as he wishes and let all of us get blessed. Nobody knows about the parents of Sai Baba, but how many of us know that he is being the parents of millions of his devotees who surrender their life to him? He has everything but he never kept anything with himself. He just gives everything to his devotees who ask him through prayers and trust him. He is the God, bu

Tiago Santa Ritta @tiagosantaritta on Instagram photo March 27
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O que falar ? Confesso que estou ficando mal acostumado. Logo após a chegada de uma Dive Trip de sucesso total em Abrolhos, mais um evento ímpar, impecável na maior rede de academias de alto nível do Brasil. Primeiro aulão de Mergulho na BodyTech Salvador com a coordenadora @isabelleribeiropersonal . Muito obrigado à cada um de vocês por tudo. Cada um na sua devida função, no seu devido lugar, com

Приют в Некрасовке 2700 🐕 65 🐱 @kotovski_and_sobaken on Instagram photo March 27
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Узнали пушистую красотку? #приветиздома прислала #слепая_фиона и её хозяйка Элина @regge_meg Мы счастливы тем, что Фиона дождалась своих любящих и заботливых хозяев!!! 😙🙏😻🐾🐾 #приютнекрасовка#москва#некрасовка#добропожаловатьвстаю#котовскиэндсобакен#питомец#возьмиизприюта

Fareed Kubanda @therealfidq on Instagram photo March 27
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🔥🔥🔥 Mtaani kuna VIPAJI vingi sana.. 🙌🏿 tunampa maksi ngapi chini ya 💯 mtu mzima DOSI..!! #NenoDance 🎥 ; @rich_onee ( btw: #SumuDance official video coming soon )

Fanatism Territory @ultrasmentality on Instagram photo March 27
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> ▪️ iPhone: 7, 7 Plus, 6/6S, 6 Plus/6S Plus, 5/5S/SE, 5C, 4/4S ▪️ Price: 599 ₽ / 10 € ▪️ Worldwide delivery ▪️ @shop.ultrasmentality * Акция на все силиконовые чехлы действует до 1 апреля.

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#Repost @padrebrunocn with @repostapp ・・・ Hoje é dia da Missa pelas Famílias. Todas as segundas as 15h estarei celebrando aqui na @cancaonova no @santuariodopaidasmisericordias Missa pelas Famílias. Espero por vc. Deixe seus pedidos de Oração. #querovernavida #focoemjesus

A⃝ I⃝ Z⃝ H⃝ A⃝ N⃝ A⃝ @sunny_aizh on Instagram photo March 27
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Школота издевается над учительницей 😟😟😟😟😱😱😱😱