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It's been almost 2 weeks since I had to say goodbye to Layla. I still cry a couple of times a day and feel lost without her...I wonder, how long is this gonna take, how long am I gonna feel this sadness? But then I get worried, if I stop feeling so sad does it mean I'm gonna start forgetting how her fur felt against my chest? What her eyes looked when she saw me getting home? How smell? How she m

 @izabellamiko on Instagram photo September 10

Yep, my date...#IT ... I've come a long way...when I was a kid watching @itmovieofficial literally traumatized me... I think my parents thought it was a good way to make sure I NEVER talk to strangers, 😂😂😂 ... but look at me now... Happy Birthday @mactorla thank you so much for the experience!!! #🤡 #🍿#🎈#instagood #instascary #weekend

 @izabellamiko on Instagram photo September 8

Watch a butterfly dance in the air and notice how in the present moment he is, not caring about the longevity of his airborne fun...hug a tree and let the earthy smell consume your whole body grounding you to the planet. While you're there, let the roughness of the bark on your cheek remind you that the outer side of strength, power and stability can sometimes appear uncomfortable and that's ok...

 @izabellamiko on Instagram photo September 5

Don't come up with excuses why you can't be happy right here right now. I have a super legit reason to just indulge in sadness right now, having had to say goodbye to my furry baby last week, but I am fighting the feeling and choosing happiness. Break down crying whenever you need to, but then get right back up and choose another feeling... being surrounded by beautiful nature definitely helps:-).

 @izabellamiko on Instagram photo September 4

Excited about a little beach time today. Every Labor Day for the last couple of years Layla and I went to the beach, so it's a little weird not to have her with me playing with the waves, but I know her spirit is gonna love the ocean air. She absolutely loved the beach! #beach #laborday #malibu #celebrating #layla

 @izabellamiko on Instagram photo September 2

This week the love of my life Layla transitioned... Watch the whole Layla Tribute on my FB page- link in the bio:-) Saying goodbye to her physical being was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I kissed and too care of every inch of it. She was my partner in crime in everything for the last 16 and a half years. It feels like I lost one of my limbs...I'm so used to her being next to me, so u

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Let the emotions and feelings color your life, but not stain it permanently. As an artist, I have to allow myself to feel everything to the core, so I can later express it my work, but I never let any of them linger for too long... even the good ones, as holding on to anything stops you from experiencing more, experiencing things that you didn't even know existed. Let the thoughts and feelings pas

 @izabellamiko on Instagram photo August 19

If God is the ocean and we are all waves, then why do we often feel so separate? Why can't we just plug into the power of the whole and get strength from that? Why do we criticize and pour hate over one "bad" wave that has lost its way, don't we realize that it also is a part of us and by changing us we will change it?...:-) #stopthehate #stopcriticizing #stopcomplaining #stopblamingothers #bethec

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If your life seems to be putting horrible challenges on your path "to break" you, if you find yourself saying "um, really Universe?" maybe your life is preparing you for that big dream that you've been desiring for so long. That big dream might require you to be so tough, so unwavering that what you experience today is just a perfect opportunity to grow some thick skin and be ready for it. Treat i

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Sometimes you just have to let go and trust the wisdom, experience and tried and tested paths of others... Easier said then done for sure. We are so accustomed to just relaying on our senses, that anything that is "unseen" is very hard to grasp onto and hard to consider the reason for hope...I know, I go through this all the time, now more then ever, but miracles won't happen until we believe in m

 @izabellamiko on Instagram photo August 9

The challenges that we face in our life, the "bad" things that happen are not tests, God is not sitting up there in the clouds scratching his beard and deciding if he's gonna give you that new house, if you "pass" the test...no, the harder the challenge the bigger the opportunity for you to move up in consciousness, the higher you go-the more you see, the less need you will feel for others to help

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Sex talk and food talk totally go together, right? In MY kitchen they do! 😜 I cover every subject on my instalives. Let's not make things so taboo and we will avoid a lot of unnecessary drama in the world:-) Sometimes you just gotta hit the insta live pervs right in the nose, when they try to "shock" you with their comments #justtryme #instahappy #instalive #instagood #sexycooking #veggies #sexyve

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Uśmiechamy się 🤗If you make the most boring, routine things in your life into fun and exciting experiences, you're pretty much guaranteed to have a happy life. Brushing your teeth, driving from point A to B, rinsing veggies, tying your shoes, taking the trash out, picking up your dogs poop, replacing batteries in your vibrator...🙄...that's like 99% of our non sleeping/non working time...make the b

 @izabellamiko on Instagram photo July 27

Are you taking advantage of the summer months? I'm not...:-( I realized that I still haven't gotten myself to the beach this season! I work on my #yogabooty and then don't even get to show it off! Haha! Soak up the sun, breathe in the ocean/sea air and lose yourself in the fun of it all! Or... take a bath in a salty water and stroll through the park:-) #tbt #throwbackthursday #shapemagazine #bikin

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Brought to you by #Earth...the biggest sponsor in my life, most generous sugar mama if you will:-) My favorite employer ever, I will promote any untouched by human modification product she offers! Today... how about them #coconuts? My @ekomikocandles use organic coconut oil as a wax. Spread that goodness all over yourself! Photo by @jennahipp #happymonday #positivevibes #motherearth #mothernature

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Thanks @alanis for spreading the good message! We are spiritual beings having an experience in a physical body and sometimes that body is not “perfect” (toothless for example:-) or that body experiences a contrast (loses its money) or it experiences pain (physical or mental) but IT IS ALL GOOD, it’s all just a part of the journey. Love every aspect of it in yourself or others and it’s all gonna be

 @izabellamiko on Instagram photo July 20

I miss seeing all these temples in Southeast Asia, all these places of worship...all the beautiful traditions that celebrate Faith and Devotion and signify family and unity. The western world sometimes is "too cool" to fully embrace rituals and old traditions, but they are so beautiful and they connect us to our ancestors. My @azjaexpresstvn adventure enriched my life in ways that I can't even exp

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Размер не имеет значения. Главное - хорошая вещь, сделанная своими руками с любовью (с) Потом удалю, девочки (хотела залить в сториез☝️, но туда столько не влезает). Но сейчас реально порвало в лоскуты - я, видите ли, как раз с размером свитера воюю 🤣🤣🤣

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В порту можно не только прогуляться пешком, но и совершить морскую прогулку. Мы ещё не выбрались, но желающих тут прокатить вас будет человек 5 на каждые 5 метров вашего пути :) просто вежливо отказывайтесь, ну или соглашайтесь! Но ехать после 5ти мне кажется смысла нет, в 6 вечера уже закат и потом быстро темнеет🙌🏼 кто катался? Пишите свои впечатления, может даже есть какие то хорошие контакты?

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Some footage from this past Saturday's event! Check out the full video, link in description! Shout out to Ben Zevon for the drone footage! 🍍

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Looking for a cruise to go to this weekend? Get your tickets now! See you there!

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