Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo January 13

Bohaterow pradem? Tak! This is an amazing way to work out! Your muscles are literally electrocuted, as you wear a suit that’s wet. You can do a #lowimpact #workout that normally would take you 2 hours in one hour! It’s funny, they can dial up the intensity and you almost feel like you will take off from the ground! I can’t find a place that does this in LA. I gotta go back to Warsaw to @klinikabea

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo January 11

Found some gold on my old vhs tapes. Here’s me at 10 years old performing as Madonna…I didn’t speak English back then😂. The handsome mysterious “manager” is my brother @sebamiko watch how he takes care of business and picks up the precious fur from the floor (I didn’t know what animal cruelty was back then- don’t judge me🙈) The outfit is on point…butterly belt, tutu, “lakierki” and the sexshop bou

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo January 9

Post holiday travel got me like.... I use airports and planes as an opportunity to practice compassion, patience and understanding. Well...that was really challenged yesterday, during my 27hr ordeal back to LA. Popping pain meds and antibiotics for my extracted wisdom teeth on a stomach that was receiving baby food due to the lack of my ability to chew, had me twisted in all sorts of ways. As I s

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo January 7

I knew I reminded myself of someone! 😂When I was getting my wisdom teeth removed I totally expected the chipmunk look, but it has definitely evolved into #theelephantman :-) @candeo_clinic_poznan who did the surgery really explained the recovery process- so I know, I will start looking normal soon, but flying back to LA tomorrow will be interesting. They definitely won’t seat me next to any kids-h

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo January 7

Have you been a victim of “e-maintaining” or “breadcrumbing”? It’s when someone you are/were interested in, texts you randomly “hey” “thinking of you” “happy new year” or sends a selfie, just so you respond, confirming to them you are still an “option” and still “into them” in some way, but they have no intention of actually seeing you, or truly care how you are. It’s just a way to boost their ego

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo January 6

Asan actor, sometimes you have to do a casting session by yourself in not so ideal lighting situation or time (like at 4am after a whole day of meetings and rehearsals-haha) with no sleep! Thank God, my mom is always up to join my madness and doesn’t question my perfectionism nor philosophy to make the most out of every opportunity. I thrive when I push and challenge myself:-) #actorslife #diy #di

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 31

I won’t bullshit, some of 2017 felt like a horror film...and I’m ready to slam the door on it. Literally, none of the goals and roads I planned to conquer at the beginning of the year, open up even slightly, but....new dreams that I didn’t even know existed, created a highway of possibilities so vast that now, I don’t even want to take the city roads that I glorified back in Jan! Same with people.

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 28

An interview from my premiere of @dwiepolowkipomaranczy... I will literally find a way to talk about happiness in ANY interview😂 I hope that my performances uplift you, but I dream that my own words spark some joy in your hearts! Watch the whole interview on #dziendobrytvn website:-) I’m wearing @civettala earrings that totally helped me focus! #tvn #dwiepolowkipomaranczy #teatr #sztuka #comedy #k

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 27

Shot taken right before my @dwiepolowkipomaranczy stage debut. The “angelic” look is hiding the “I’m about the crap my pretty dress/what did I get myself into/do I even know what I’m doing” thoughts running through my head! Make no mistake, “successful” people are the ones who are not afraid to fall on their butt and fail... and fail.... and fail, over and over again...until it all becomes just a

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 24

Choosing to be joyful, fill my heart with love, understanding and compassion this Christmas! Holidays are full of triggers for us, but we dictate who we are being, so chose the experience you wanna have this Christmas, feel it inside and it’s gonna be the best Holiday ever! It’s yours...nothing or no one has control over it. Be your own freakin Santa! I made my own vegan nut cake and it’s like sup

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 22

A sweet montage from my film #LoveAndDance #KochajiTancz directed by @bruceparramore the most joyful, Light filled, exceptional director I’ve worked with! I love how this film shows me falling in love with a new man, but most importantly dance...a feeling so delicious and addicting! If we could look at everything as a “first” and not bring any baggage filled with expectations and fears along with

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 21

We spend so much time showing and proving to others that we are “amazing” and important, but the truth is the only thing that people truly care about is that we make THEM feel amazing and important. That’s the only thing that they actually remember and ultimately the only thing that decides what they think of you:-) photo by @georgeholzofficial hair and make up by @taradipetrillo and dress by #kub

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 18

Don’t be greedy in your relationships. It’s not what I can get out of someone, even if it’s just attention, validation or need, but what I can give. Don’t be lazy, don’t just do/say the minimum to make others feel you care enough, so they continue giving you, their energy. This week, make all your interactions thoughtful and meaningful. Make others feel heard and contribute to their lives even in

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 16

Yes, a $1.99 instant boob job! Completely reversible! Who knew:-) Literally socks added to a push up bra will do a better job then any “chicken cutlets” or expensive silicone bra inserts, because socks won’t weight it all down. This is the fun part of my job, playing different characters and playing dress up:-) thank you @opasinski for playing along, you guys are always such troopers ❤️ dress by @

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 14

Some bits and pieces of probably the most candid interview, I’ve ever given about sex and being single and dealing with all that horny energy inside of us, by actually using it for something else. Why talk about it now? Well, these girls are doing an amazing job bringing up issues that everyone deals with, probably in the lonely privacy of their mind which makes this world a little crazy. So...lis

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 12

Zapraszam na moja premiere teatralna w Polsce w sztuce @dwiepolowkipomaranczy w @teatrcapitolwarsaw 26go grudnia oraz 4go stycznia! Jeszcze można kupić bilety ale idą bardzo szybko! Po spektaklu chętnie się z Wami przywitam i uściskam! If you happen to be in Warsaw December 26 and/or January 4 come see me in a play at the Capitol Theater! It’s a wild comedy and I promise you will forget all your

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 11

If I’ve had an office job, that’s how my Mondays would look like... striking a power pose (preferably on top of my desk, wearing a power suit) and holding it until all the endorphins, serotonin and high frequency would take over my brain and I’d be in aligned with all that I’d seek to achieve! 😂 Thank you @aaron_doughty44 for the tip! (I still do my #powerpose it in my pj’s it’s just doesn’t look

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 10

From my @johndog_lifestyle shoot. Connecting with these amazing souls that needed a home and some love was such an amazing experience. We all can relate. We’re all searching for someone to “pet” us, but what we really crave is the feeling and intimacy that goes with it...just for a moment the feeling of separation that so often occupies us, goes away when we are being held and caressed by someone.

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 8

Would you like the time to slow down? Does it seem that it just passes faster and faster the older we get? That’s because in the beginning everything is new to us, we have “firsts” for everything and we are so present and aware of everything that is happening. You know how you drive somewhere for the first time and it seems so long, but it’s way shorter on the way back? If you want the time to slo

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 7

Here’s me at 15 I believe! Intense as ever. I’ve always been that way, always a seeker, but now I guess I benefit from all that knowledge that I constantly acquire and my basic level of happiness feels like what my great day felt like back then. (Basic level of happiness=the feeling you have when you just wake up and don’t yet remember your bills, your new love, your lost cat, the lottery you’ve w

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 6

Does the environment that we are in start to reflect what’s inside of us? Or do we start mirroring what we are surrounded with? Actually both...the minute we change the way we are being in the world, the Universe has no choice but to bring us exactly what we are projecting, but unless we are super conscious and aware, the situations, places and people that we surround ourselves with, will dictate

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 4

I know that the proper way to climb up or down is probably facing the rocks, but you see... I’m an actress, I work with my face, so if I’m gonna slide down I’m gonna let my ass scrape not my cheek bones! Haha! Btw- this was NOT intended to be a “death” hike, but turned into survival mode race to safety really fast, as we took the wrong trail and the sun was dangerously setting down! #neveradullmom

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo December 1

Sometimes to see something stunning you have to climb a treacherous road. It’s only when we put ourselves in situations that are uncomfortable and challenging do we truly grow. We avoid pain and discomfort, but listen to your gut feeling when it tells you that on the other side of it, a greater version of yourself and more fulfilling experience awaits. Push yourself beyond your limits, it’s an opp

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo November 29

Layla caught by the paparazzi 😂😂😂 Today marks 3 months, since my bestie transitioned and the void is still immerse...She was a true superstar...she’s been there through everything with me and I miss her calming presence and divinely kissable fur, so much...I hope angels are giving you the best treats ever Layla! #mybestfriend

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo November 26

Confetti room at @wearehappyplace ! Yes, please! Find joy in everything you do, feel like a kid, every moment is now...#behappy #wearehappyplace

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo November 25

Do you ever feel like you are a product you are trying to sell in the most sneaky, inventive ways? You dress nicely, you come up with funny things to say, you do nice things for others, you accumulate wealth and or success to better your “curb appeal”? It’s exhausting isn’t it? What if, no one was around to see you and watch you, what would you do? How would you be? Take a day for yourself to just

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo November 23

It doesn’t matter what is the color of your skin...the sun will always shine upon you. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight or thin, you can feel love and joy just the same if you decide to. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, the sound of music can make your heart sing and the heavenly scent of flowers can put a smile on your face... and for all that I’m grateful:-)...#happythanksgiving..

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo November 18

Music composed and performed by yours truly:-) Full version of the song on my website www.izabellamiko.com ... Here’s a little glimpse of @kamaflightmassage the most incredible experience ever! It’s like aerial yoga meets Thai massage meets tango dancing and reiki! It’s all about balancing your female and male energies. You feel so protected, taken care of and guided while you’re getting an incred

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo November 15

Live in 2hrs:-) Looks like I’m about to take my shirt off right? No, I’m actually adjusting my 🎤 on the set of @johndog_lifestyle 😆... don’t ever assume something is true because it “looks” this way... don’t ever compare someone’s outside to your inside... We often get jealous by looking at someone’s life cause it seems so much better then what we are currently feeling inside, but we don’t really

Izabella Miko @izabellamiko on Instagram photo November 13

Don’t react, observe...observe yourself in a situation without any judgement. Just for this week, consider that there might other “versions” of you operating right now in different parallel realties and by focusing on certain aspects of your life, you can switch between these realties. I know, our brain has a hard time thinking of anything else but linear time, but if you wanna get good at the who

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Вам было бы интересно, какой уход я возьму с собой в тёплые края?❤️🌊

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👉 @Violet_mezon4788 👉 @Violet_mezon4788 کالكشني متفاوت از برترين برندهاي روز دنيا جديدترين لباس هاي زنانه را از ما بخواهيد👗👚💋❣ فروش آنلاين ارسال به تمام شهرها . @Violet_mezon4788 @Violet_mezon4788 @Violet_mezon4788 @Violet_mezon4788 @Violet_mezon4788

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وضعي حالياً وانا اقرأ تعليقات البوست اللي قبله ، الرجال متصدر كل القوائم ولسه في مين يناقشك 😂😂😂😂

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Oittt oittt 3 hari dh rasa perubahan! Awesome product sgt! Kenapa nak cari yg lain. Betul tak? Dah la murah, kesan cepat. Better consume NAS je la kan. 😉 skrg ada promo 3 box rm150 + 1 free gift! Tp stock terhad yaa

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@grimasa2013 @grimasa2013 @grimasa2013 تشكيلة جديدة من المكياج المميز حصرياً 😍💄💅 الاسعار مناسبة 💞😍💕

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ضيفوهاا👇🏻🎈🤡 @alamiraparty65 🎈 @alamiraparty65 🎈 ....