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FRIENDS... ARE U READY?! I’m SO excited!! @eastofeli & @cityofsoundmusic are gettin ready to light it up! The #eoeXtour is on it’s way 😎😎😎 Amazing poster @anglives You are a genius 🤯 And please check out @twloha ... proceeds going to their incredible cause ❤️

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo January 8

The HAPPIEST of birthdays to this Queen! @reginayhicks you’re as good as they come. #BrokeTheMold Praying this year brings you love, joy, peace, health, and happiness. I’m so grateful for your friendship! #BFFL

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo January 4

Happy New Year, Friends! My gift to you... it’s kind of a #payitforward moment. I came into the room and found @eastofeli like this as he was gearing up for yet another #nba2k18 victory. It blessed me, Friends. It also reinstated the fact that I married the biggest dork on the planet. And I love him even more now. I pass this on to you to cherish as much as I do. The gift that keeps on giving.

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo December 13

This is my friend Haylie ( @chylernetworks ) who just so happens to run my official website - 😎 Today is her birthday! Please join me in wishing her a very Happy Birthday! My hairstyle might’ve changed a dozen times since this pic but one thing for sure hasn’t... You’re a sweetheart, Haylie! Thanks for everything ❤️ Photo cred to... well... you! Lol

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo December 2

I feel like this is a cover of a hilarious #romcom BlueRay DVD featuring 4 badass women that don’t take no sh#@ from nobody #dcwomen #zeroBS @melissabenoist @odetteannable #katiemcgrath ❤️👊🏻❤️

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Here I am in the company of a badass! @tengstagram you are one of the coolest, most genuine, creative, talented friends I’ve ever had. You care... not just about us as actors but as collaborators. Your vision is always solid and your respect for all of those involved in whatever’s cooking in the “kitchen” is unrivaled. You inspire all of us. We at @supergirlcw (cast and crew) adore you and are blo

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo November 29

All eyes on YOU, Friends! HOLY SHEESH!! I can’t even fathom! 1 million followers?! That’s just... whoa. Like woooooaaaaahhhhh 😍 I love all of you and I’m SO grateful for your support and for your accompaniment on this crazy journey called life. Let’s keep walking it out... together ❤️ #LoveWins

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo November 15

You & Me, Sis... We can face anything. I believe we can rise above adversity and make a difference in the world on behalf of those who feel they have no voice. I believe we can accomplish great things... Together. I admire you and I believe in you and I love you @melissabenoist Let’s Do This #danverssisters style

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo November 13

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women” - Maya Angelou ❤️ @shethority Let’s stand up Ladies. Lets stand up FOR each other. Let’s stand up WITH each other. Let’s #createchange together #sheroes

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In the wake of a turbulent week... Love is always the best medicine. This is Drift. Drift is my friend. He came up to me the other night and insisted on this hug. He knew I needed one. And I accepted. Accept love when you need it, Friends. You deserve to be valued and treated with respect and we all need a shoulder to lean on sometimes. Thank you @christophrwood for introducing me to this (not so

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo November 10

Thoughts of you, My Friends. Sending love to those who need it, hope to those who seek it, strength to those who are ready to rise, and gratitude towards those who’ve encouraged me to accept and appreciate all the versions of myself along the way. We’re in this together. Because we’re worth it... Because #WeMatter & #OurStripesAreBeautiful

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo November 7

@florianalima and I doing our best @davidharewood impression #Sanvers ... Oh what a night...

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo November 5

Sometimes when I’m being a badass in the DEO a bitch can use friends! And these two ...are the BEST! Ladies, thanks for always having my back!!! 💯😎❤️

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo October 20

@mehcadbrooks ... my friend, my brother. I remember you sending me #tearsaway when it was a working track. I put it on in my car on the drive to @supergirlcw cranked that volume, and honestly cried. I cried because I know you, I know your heart. I know how hard you’ve worked. I’ve watched your journey... blood, sweat and tears. And here I am writing this and again, there’s tears. Tears of gratitud

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo October 19

Sitting by the fire with a nice glass of wine to celebrate the last night of filming the #DCcrossovers for me 🍷 Friends... It’s been a helluvah journey. I haven’t seen much of my family the last few weeks, which as most of you who know me or at least know about me, that’s been the greatest challenge. Second to that, there’s a lot of changes coming - And that, in and of itself, has required a lot

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo October 18

#MeToo Sis... #iloveyou Repost from @melissabenoist using @RepostRegramApp - #metoo #Rp @kbenoist94 ・・・ 👆👆🏻👆🏼👆🏽👆🏾👆🏿

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo October 17

Dearest Friends... I don’t know if you’ve heard of @twloha but if not, please do. The acronym stands for “To Write Love On Her Arms”. I’m in love with these folks. They’re a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. If you or anyone you know needs help or you just want to learn how to get involved i

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo October 15

I AM SO READY & SO EXCITED... #EOENewYork is coming y'all!! Don't miss out on getting tix! It's gonna be EPIC! @eastofeli - Let's do this Baby! And how stoked are we that @cityofsoundmusic is gonna be with us while we let our lights #GLOW ?! Thank you @highlineballroom for hosting us on October 23rd! #newyork BE THERE *Ticket Link is in my BIO*

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo October 15

Friends... #IDONTMIND talking about mental illness. I come from a long line of mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and ADD. I take medication every day to keep myself as balanced as possible. I used to be ashamed about that. I used to feel like a huge disappointment to everyone around me. To the ones I love the most and... to myself. I was raised with the notion that asking for help meant you wer

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo October 11

Today is #NationalComingOutDay ... I'm so proud to take part in positive LGBTQ+ representation. I'm proud to stand up for the voices that have either been stifled, silenced, or yet to be heard. I'm proud to stand on behalf of those who've been persecuted, ridiculed, and misunderstood. I'm grateful to walk alongside those who have battled long and hard to rise above the judgement and slander that h

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo September 29

Happy Birthday, My Luv... you are the light of my life, the man of my dreams and the keeper of my heart. I trust you, I respect you, I admire you and I thank you for every moment we spend together in this life. I'm SO proud of you. Not just because of all the amazing things you've done but because of the amazing man you are. You've brought hope and peace and encouragement to countless people and h

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo September 16

#fbf 🐾 Yup, you'd make this face too if you got to hold a sweet, fluffy, squishy, ridiculously adorable baby otter. What can I say, he's a ladies man.... uh I mean... otter?? #supergirl #superbabyotter

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo September 13

FRIENDS, get your @eastofeli GA & VIP tix now for a once in a life time EOExperience in Vegas! (Link for tix in bio) We've got so many amazing & unforgettable things planned that will ONLY happen in Vegas! As the saying goes... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas💥😎💥

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh on Instagram photo September 13

Just went over creative plans with @eastofeli after his team meeting... SERIOUSLY if you can make it, be there!! #EOEBeanies #EOEVegas #WestLeigh Repost from @eastofeli using @RepostRegramApp - YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS BDAY BASH/SHOW IN LAS VEGAS!!! Exclusive EOE merch only available until the album drops in early 2018, Every GA attendee gets entered into a special drawing for a chance to when

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Dear Kevin, As I've said before, your presence on our set is beyond appreciated. You are loved, unanimously. You continue to inspire us to discover our best selves as artists and bring those best selves to set everyday. You've managed to imprint your enthusiasm and positivity into the hearts of all who walk into the studio (or whatever location we happen to be at). Rounds of applause for one anoth

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BANDOLERA ⚜️ S U P R E M E ⚜️ 2,800 PESOS 😱😍 _______________________________________ 📍LOCAL AV. INDEPENDENCIA : Av. Independencia Km 7 1/2 Calle Central #18 Res. Alfimar (La Misma Calle De La Jardineria Fortunato Proximo A Pizza House) Whatsaap: 849-256-0202 📱☎️ _________________________________________ 📍LOCAL ZONA ORIENTAL: Carretera mella, Plaza Alto De Mayorca Frente Al Ayuntamiento Nuevo (C @discoversharks on Instagram photo February 20
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Follow @robertoochoahe Roberto Ochoa is a marine wildlife videographer, has been documenting the beauty of our world's oceans. Director of Galapagos Evolution and Shark lover. | | video by ( @robertoochoahe ) Music: You and Me @disclosure @flumemusic

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. السعر / 120 ريال المقاس / ون سايز . #متجر #تاجرات_تبوك #الناس_الرايئه #شنط #شوزات #ملابس #فاشن #موضه #ازياء #ناعم #بلايز #بلوفرات #ارواب #بجايم #قمصان #عرايس #دبش #تجهيزات #عروس #ستايل #بنات #كيوت #ناعم #ميك_اب #تسريحات #تبوك #الرياض #جده #المدينه #مكه

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เปิดควอเตอร์สุดท้ายด้วย Alley-oop!! ของ “อังเดร ดรัมมอนด์” รีบมาดูนะ ตอนนี้ทีมเลบรอน เอาจิงแล้วววว  #MONO29 #NBAAllStar

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Saksikan temubual bersama YB Dato' Haji Muhammad Pehimi Yusof (Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani, Perusahaan Perladangan dan Komoditi Negeri Terengganu) secara langsung dalam @selamatpagimalaysia pukul 9.30 pagi INI di #TV1 | | #RTMMobile

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As you know, I love to read! I wanted to share this excerpt from the book, "The Keys," written by Dj Khaled. "You have to speak your success into existence, because absolutely no one else will do it for you. That's why when I first started my first label, I called it We The Best. Were we the best yet? That's up for debate. But did we have the drive and the passion and the necessary dedication to b

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Saksikan tentang topik "Pembangunan Modal Insan Koperasi" Bersama pengacara Fadzril Hisham serta tetamu jemputan Puan Maimunah Hj Jerni (Pengarah Maktab Koperasi Malaysia Zon Sarawak) dan En Mohamad Suandi Mortadza (Pegawai Latihan Kanan) secara langsung dalam #NangRindok pukul 4.05 petang ini di #Tv1 | | #RTMMobile

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Become a 'Photo Shoot Producer' on my Patreon page (link in bio ➡️@kendrazager @kendrazager @kendrazager ⬅️) to get access to my trip to Mexico this weekend 👙🌴 including access to my private Snapchat, exclusive galleries (not seen anywhere else!), and if you sign up now ~ get a signed photo from me too! ❤️😁💯Get 'Photo Shoot Producer' access on my Patreon page - link in bio 👉 @kendrazager

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Deloken to cah kui lek guayeng tenan, jian wes berasa koyo nek omahe dewe tenan. Buayangno to cah lek seumpomo ndue kolam pribadi sing ono view alame koyo nek kedung tumpang ngunu kui, opo ra saben ndino kok gae slulup ae masamu. Aih....marai pengen nylulupi saben ndino ae ngene ki lek disawang terus terusan. Lokasi : Pantai Kedung Tumpang, Desa Pucanglaban, Kecamatan Pucanglaban, Kabupaten Tulun

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A cara é de princesinha mas a fome é de Leão! Me add vocês que são assim. 😂🍟🍔🥓

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Con esta publicación entenderán porqué sugerimos el consumo de pechugas y no de otras partes. Estos son los valores del pollo, pero ocurren estas variaciones en valores nutricionales con otras aves según la parte. También ocurren variaciones de valores nutricionales en cortes animales de otras especies. Por supuesto, para el día a día vale la pena tomar estas cosas en cuenta para mejorar y avanz

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Looks LINDOS Fitness @fitfitnessbr compras no WhatsApp 📲 71 991589458 @fitfitnessbr @fitfitnessbr