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Carry it on a chain, lanyard or with your car keys, the Dog Tag Tool offers a ton of versatility in a small package. From the “Universal” closed end wrench which fits both standard and metric hardware, one of the lowest profile bottle cap lifter designs on the market, ¼” bit driver, battery bay driver, to the crisp precise CNC and mill work, jimping, and durable 3 stage industrial finish.  The PD

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The Red Beanie of Legend. Our watch caps are a direct descedent from this style of cold weather headwear issued to USN Sailors, Seabees, Merchant Marines and other service members during WWII, and in the decades to follow. The A.G. Watch Cap DRB Team Z Edition is made in a premium grade, soft, machine wash & dry, 100% merino sourced from an American supplier. Unlike other knit beanies being mad

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PDW's Founders have had been life long fans and practitioners of industrial design. The tool aesthetic is at the core of much of what we offer in our goods. It speaks to a purpose driven design ethos married to practicality, versatility, and excellent manufacturing. The many finer points are subtle and academic, and in functional intent, never superfluous. Some of our hard-goods such as our folde

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Congrats to @tmiller606 /Travis Miller you are the winner of the @dangerrangerbear AG Watch Cap and Team Z patch pack! Special thanks to all that entered and to our friends @americanadventurist for teaming up with us. If you missed out, the red DRB AG Watch Cap and new Limited Edition Patches all go on sale tomorrow. (Interns still have to share a Glock ) #prometheusdesignwerx #dangerrangerbear

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USMC WWII Era P42 "Frogskin" Camo. Our last release of the AG Cashmere Shemagh is being offered in this unique vintage camo pattern from the WWII era. The M1942 Frog Skin pattern was the United States military's first attempt at disruptive coloration camouflage. Originally fielded by the USMC in the Pacific theater and even found it's way into some US Army combat uniforms and the European Theate

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Autumn Gear Giveaway! American Adventurist and PDW are teaming up to giveaway a prize package of yet to be released PDW Team Z gear to one of our lucky followers! To enter: 1)Follow both @americanadventurist and @prometheusdesignwerx 2)Screenshot and repost this photo of the prizes. 3)When you post the photo use the hashtag #autumngaw (so we can find your post). The winner will be selected at

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We've embraced the modern world and it's technology as it has come along. Yet, we can not deny the substance and appeal of well made hearty wool shirt, a naturally aspirated V8, and the know how to read a paper map. The PDW Mountain Shirt is made with wool melton, stitched in CA, will last you a lifetime and your pursuit of a life less ordinary. #prometheusdesignwerx #betheoutsider #mountainshir

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Have you ever looked under your couch cushions or between the seats of your car and found something really cool you haven’t seen in a while and you forgot you had? Looking through our warehouse, we came across some patches that were not available at the time of the drop, but we are making them available now. These patches are the last remainders of some previous LTD ED drops that have been clear

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When your adventure takes you into and under the water, this rashguard has got you covered. Featuring our laser cut and welded stretch laminate Sea Wolf graphic on the front, thumb-loops to pull the sleeves through wetsuits, and boardshort to tie into prevent hiking up. This long sleeve performance rashguard offers an extra layer of protection when under water and rated 50+ UPF against the sun. #

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“He to whom the portentous conspiracy of night and solitude and silence in the heart of a great forest is not an unknown experience needs not to be told what another world it all is - how even the most commonplace and familiar objects take on another character. The trees group themselves differently; they draw closer together, as if in fear. The very silence has another quality than the silence o

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