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Lifestyle changes can make a whole lot of difference in an individual’s health and outlook. Recently I visited JIVA AYURVEDA and witnessed the vibes of AYURVEDA. In 1994, they set out a journey to find out how the wisdom of traditional Indian Knowledge could improve people’s lives in a modern way. They have a team of Ayurvedic doctors and support processionals, who provide free consultation to mo

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I visited JIVA AYURVEDA and I am totally impressed by the way they work and their mission of a healthier and happier society. Also one should have a peaceful and relax mind. It's very important to understand yourself, in JIVA AYURVEDA clinic they anaylse the root cause of the problem as every individual is different and unique. They have various branches, you can easily locate it in your near by

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The very famous DAULAT KI CHAAT (5/5) I tried this for the first time, after seeing so many post about it. It's very different in taste as well in texture . Not that sweet , it is basically foamed milk ,sugar & Khoya added to it. Also this cute little hand is of my best friend who accompanied me @mansi.goyal3 😆😘 So this is the last post for OLD DELHI series. ❤ . . #thestylecheck #olddelhi #oldde

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@glamego December box is surely a treat for me. It has a good range of products worth Rs 2700 just for Rs 399. 1) Glo Illuminator : Drop a pinch in your daily routine to create fresh glow or simply apply on high points of your face. It's from the brand @mannakcosmetics 2) Bio bloom foot care : It heals chapped skin and moisturize it. 3)Natural bath & body skin clay : The fragrance is really g

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👌بی شک #دخترها قشنگترین هدیه خدا به انسان هستند. . 🎂قشنگترینم تولدت مبارک🎂 . @rdfshr4459

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I've got a blank space, baby. 🎶 Whose name are you writing down to spend time/call/write a letter to with this week?

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StunnazMag.com —- We need to get that Bad girl!! ❤️❤️ @MSRockieBaby ❤️❤️ 🙏🏾 @StunnazTVnetwork 🙏🏾

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Body appreciation post. Because I've actually yet to see a beautiful woman naked who didn't have tummy rolls, cellulite, stretch marks... Stuff we're brainwashed to hate. If it's that easy to brainwash people into thinking what is normal is not, surely it is possible to do the opposite! So I just wanna remind everyone that under it all, this is what a female human looks like ❤ AND I think female

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‏فيديو طريف لصغار البط يسيرون خلف أمهم لتعلّمهم القفز في الماء 😍

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@sam.hunter.sd: If your New Year’s Resolutions have anything to do with weight loss or transformation, I found the perfect app to track your progress and connect with others who are on the same journey as you. The app even suggests profiles with similar bodyweight and height so you can connect with people who can relate to you 💕 Download @TwinBody and follow me on the app: samhuntersd 😘 So we can

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Photograph by @juanarre (Juan Arredondo) In February 2000, when members of a paramilitary group massacred townspeople in El Salado, one victim was Miguel Ángel Contreras. His father, Jesús Contreras, has not visited El Salado since. Now 86, blind, and deaf, he lives with his daughter in Cartagena. The killing of El Salado lasted six days from February 16 to 21 of 2000. By the end, 66 people were

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Pessoal, é oficial: eu vou participar da turnê oficial de RuPaul's Drag Race no Brasil, a Werq the World Tour, abrindo os dois shows de São Paulo ao lado de Alexia Twister e Penelopy Jean! Vai ser uma noite inesquecível, e se você ganhou mais três motivos pra ir, além da deusa Michelle Visage e as drag superstars Peppermint, Detox, Valentina, Shangela, Kim Chi, Violet Chachki e Kennedy Davenport.

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Your should already see where your future is headed by the actions you make today.🙌🏿 @motiontography

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tão vendo esse desenho aqui? eu sei que, diante de tanto talento, é difícil acreditar que foi feito por mãos humanas. mas, sim, fui eu mesmo... obrigado 😁 tem vídeo novo no meu canal: re-desenhei algumas fanarts que vocês me mandaram! e também tem anúncio de uma promoção AMAZING da @faber_castell_br e se vc seguir os passos direitinho, pode ganhar uma viagem pra Alemanha comigo, @authenticgames e