I stood up to FAA so you can use your phone on commercial flights. . . 182 days after I was put on a warning fly list the FAA reversed their position & made it legal to use cell phones in flight. . Comment if you love me for this. ❤️ . I am the only person in the world to video a bird strike. Find it on YouTube. @cnn @cnbc @cbs #birdattack #emergency

Grant Cardone @grantcardone on Instagram photo 14th February 2018

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برگزاري نمايشگاه نوروزي هفت سين توسط هنركده آنا زيباترين هفت سين ها را از ما بخواهيد 😍😍😍 . . 🌸زمان ٥ اسفند تا ٢٥ اسفند 🌸 🌸ساعت ١٠ صبح تا ٧ بعدازظهر 🌸 ديباجي جنوبي پلاك ٧٨/١ گلفروشي ديبا . . آنا جعفريان: ٠٩٣٦٠٠٤١٣٥٨ . . @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361