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Felicia Romero @feliciaromero on Instagram photo February 18
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Slow progress is better than no progress! 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 Remember that as you head into this new week! • • If you are reading this and feel like you want to give up, or feel off track and can’t seem to get motivated. Feel like you aren’t seeing results fast enough? • • Keep going! Slow progress is still PROGRESS! So lace up those shoes, have a plan this week and follow through 👊🏼💪🏼 •••••••••••••••

خۆشەویستم👈ﷺ💕 @hawre_nazdarakan on Instagram photo February 18
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دەنگێکی خۆش 😍😍😍 😍 😍دل تەنیا بە زکری خوا ئارام دەبێتەوە ـ ـ 😍😍😍 ـ ـ 😍😍 . . ئــەکتیف زۆر  زۆر دابەزیوە تکایە کەمێک جالاک بن ـ بـۆبینینی  فیــدیۆ و هەوالی بەبەلە فۆلۆی بەیجەکەم بکەن☟ @hawre_nazdarakan @hawre_nazdarakan @hawre_nazdarakan @hawre_nazdarakan ـ Add my snapchat☟ (( hawrenazdarakan )) ـ #KurdistanBlockade #supportkurdistan ـ#kurdistan  #kurd #kurdish #nettv #kurdishgirl ـ فَاذْكُرُونِي أَذْ