Sabrina’s idea to earn an Apple Watch. . . Please let Sabrina know how she did with her marketing message, what she can do to improve on it & if you can help her. . . Easy for me to just give her what she wants but I know if she earns it she will be that much better off in the future. . . Four Premium seats left & maybe 3 VIP’s. . Email if you want to help her. She’s dying wit

Grant Cardone @grantcardone on Instagram photo 10th February 2018

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⛪منزل ايده آل نوعروس⛪ @manzele_ideale_noaroos on Instagram photo February 24
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برگزاري نمايشگاه نوروزي هفت سين توسط هنركده آنا زيباترين هفت سين ها را از ما بخواهيد 😍😍😍 . . 🌸زمان ٥ اسفند تا ٢٥ اسفند 🌸 🌸ساعت ١٠ صبح تا ٧ بعدازظهر 🌸 ديباجي جنوبي پلاك ٧٨/١ گلفروشي ديبا . . آنا جعفريان: ٠٩٣٦٠٠٤١٣٥٨ . . @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361 @honarkadeh_ana1361