I've been up all night No sleep cause I feel Like I'm Always Dreamin 🥀 Comment ' 🌹' to get a DM 😊♥️ #love#greeneyes#bracelet#instagram#

Anushka Sen @anushkasen0408 on Instagram photo 13th September 2017

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Anushka Sen @anushkasen0408 on Instagram photo September 12

Happyy Birthdayy Sidd 😍🔥♥️ And Abhishek 😊♥️ 😍 Sidd! You are soo Humble and A really good Friend of mine 🔥🌹 Whenever we meet We really have a lot of funn🤙 Abhishek ! I met you for the first time That day ( On Eid ) , and It was soo good to Meet youu☺️ You are really sweet 💕 Nigam Brotherss 🔥 Hope your Year goes Amazing With lots of good surprises ☺️❤️ Stay the Same 🤙🤗 @thesiddharthnigam 🤗❤️ @theabh

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