On the to-do list for today but didn't happen, again: sitting in this little corner and read!! I keep buying books I'm too excited to read, I start lots of them but sometimes don't finish them for a while 🙈 when do you guys read? How many books a month do you read? I'm tempted to set myself a daily reminder to read 15mns 😎💪🏾 lots of room on my list, to start or to finish 😅or to read again: Sapiens

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اقرأ المزيد عن الثورة الصناعية الرابعة ودورها في تحسين كفاءة القطاع الصحي عبر مدونة وزارة الصحة ووقاية المجتمع في البوابة الرسمية لحكومة الإمارات ، من خلال الرابط التالي: https://government.ae/ar-AE/participate/blogs/blog?id=53 @uaemgov Read more about the 4th Industrial Revolution and Health Sector development strategy: https://government.ae/en/participate/blogs/blog?id=53 www.government.ae