MEAT: Do you want to learn how to do this? Do you want to get the most outta your next harvest? There are still spots available for my From Field To Plate 101 classes. You'll be able to learn hands on with the very animal you hunted. How to hunt, butcher and cook your wild game. Want more info email me at #fromfieldtoplate

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< dieci208> 昨日も沢山の方にご来店頂きありがとうございました✨ こちらは、今回の個展を記念して制作した頂いたTEMBEAのねこ柄バッグです。(ゲームポーチ/バケットトートMの二型🐈) 本日も可愛いネコ達に逢いにいらしてくださいね。ご来店お待ちしております。 yamyamのねこ222匹 yamyam soloexhibition 2/24sat-3/4sun @dieci208 #yamyam #yamyamkikaku #tembea #decarnerocaste #dieci208 #yamyam222cats #tembea