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Debbie goh ๅดๅคฉ็‘œ @debbiegoh1108 on Instagram photo June 27
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#ๅฝ“ๆˆ‘ไปฌๅœจไธ€่ตท #beforeweforget ๅฝ“ๆˆ‘ไปฌๅœจไธ€่ตท, ๆœ€็พŽ็š„้ฃŽๆ™ฏๆ˜ฏไฝ  When we are together, you are the prettiest among others. ๅฝ“ๆˆ‘ไปฌๅœจไธ€่ตท, ๆ˜Ÿๅ…‰็ฟ็ƒ‚ๅœจ็œผ้‡Œ When we are together, my eyes begin to glitter. ๅฝ“ๆˆ‘ไปฌๅœจไธ€่ตท, ไธค้ข—ๅฟƒๆฒกๆœ‰่ท็ฆป When we are together, we see two hearts moving closer. ๅฝ“ๆˆ‘ไปฌๅœจไธ€่ตท, ไธ–็•Œๅ†ๅคงไธๅŠไฝ  When we are together, nothing else really matters! ใ€Šๅฝ“ๆˆ‘ไปฌๅœจไธ€่ตทใ€‹็”ตๅฝฑ็‰ˆไธญๆ–‡ๅฐ่ฏดๅŒๅฐ้ขๅ’Œ่‹ฑๆ–‡็‰ˆๅฐ่ฏดๅ‡บ็‰ˆไบ†๏ผŒ็œ‹ไบ†ไน‹ๅŽไฝ ไผšๆ›ดๆœŸๅพ…็”ตๅฝฑ็š„ไธŠๆ˜ ๏ผ now you can get the promotion price at the kl conve

Aimee โœจPeachy โœจ๐Ÿ‘ @thepeachyqueenblog on Instagram photo June 27
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So talented!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโœจ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป @bethanyfae โšœ๏ธAvant Garde Golden Mermaidโšœ๏ธ New video up of this messy Avant Garde tutorial up on my channel! We're on the last TWO days of Voting!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ So if ya wanna see me make it to the next round of the #FaceAwards, please VOTE using the link in my bio! All your support is immensely appreciated. I wanna hug and thank each and every one of you for being so sweet and awesome.