more information♡member: jungkook ↠ jungkook said, "i watch mv theory videos a lot, theres many clever people. there's also many who get it correct to the point of making me think, "how did you know about this?" and there's some interpretations that even we don't know about. 🍞 ━━ ; honestly every time a bangtan video releases, our entire fandom pulls out their magnifying glass and pulls some sherl

facts about the cutest angels @justkpopfacts on Instagram photo 21st March 2017

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facts about the cutest angels @justkpopfacts on Instagram photo March 12

more information♡member: jungkook ↠ question: your phone wallpaper right now is?
↠ jungkook: A plain black color. 「 3rd ARMY Interview 」 🏙 ━━ ; the color of his shirt/choker looks so good!! and he literally is an actual prince and lmao throwback to when jungkook made his selfie his wallpaper because he knew he looked so damn good i live for his confidence he's truly😔💪🏼 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ questi

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