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I’m still getting my head around the fact that we’re responsible for this tiny and chubby little human😍(we’re not excluding the idea that he might be, somehow, partly tiger cub 🐯..), at times I’ve really wanted to have an adult in the room (as in a real one) but they’re always a phone call away or I also found solace in social media 🙏 I love these mamas (and dads!) on here who keep it real, who sh

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo September 19

Still my favourite dress ✨😍Thanks for all the anniversary wishes everyone, I think they're the reason why @tom_harrel just decided to abort the Netflix x Pizza plan, I dare to think we might be going out 😎🎉😂 (so if I'm having seabass tonight, it's thanks to y'all 🙌🏾🤓) • #weddingdress #bride #wedding #weddinganniversary

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2 years ago today #HugoHarrel missed one hell of a party and @tom_harrel became the luckiest man on earth 😜😜😜Please everyone join me in congratulating him 🎉🙌🏾 Happy anniversary to the bestest of bestfrens, love you long long time Mr. H ❤️❤️ This year we're keeping it fancy and will probably end up having Dr Oetker pizzas in bed watching the #UnbreakableKimmySchmidt 🎉💃🏾😎 • • #wedding #weddingdress

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Happy Monday you wonderful people ❤️ Last day of #LFW for your home slice, checked out @roksandailincic with @triumphlingerie this morning and I need ERRTHING 😵! I braved the freezing cold with a skirt and sandals (catch it in my Stories) but now we're done with the shows and back in jeans and cosy jumpers, preferably by the cooker (because did I mention how freaking cold it is?!!) to face the @bi

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I’m back at #LFW with Triumph tomorrow! Planning my outfit for the @roksandailincic show 🎉😎Head over to @triumphlingerie to catch my takeover tomorrow and check out the latest looks straight from the catwalk 💃🏾#TriumphLFW - hope you had a lovely weekend 😍😘

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Took the #LadyInRed to day 1 of London Fashion Week, we felt super fancy 💃🏾 but also like proper scammers (and LOVED it 😈) when a few people asked us which designer our @oasisfashion suit was 😎💃🏾 If you want direct links to this outfit, screenshot or "like" it and get direct links in your inbox or on the @liketoknow.it app 🤓http://liketk.it/2sJEN #liketkit 📸(2&3): @misterbenson_ • #LFW #instafashi

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We're still waiting for our emoji, but we finally have a #WorldAfroDay and it's today 🎉😎💃🏾 I meant for this video to be fun and light-hearted (watch the full video via the link in the bio) but let's not forget about all the negative connotations surrounding Afro hair (YES it is professional, and NO it's a not a secret code we use to identify our fellow black radicals) and how it prevents our child

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I spy something red 😍 I’ve teamed up with @triumphlingerie (official lingerie supplier of LFW) to check out some of the latest looks straight from the catwalk during LFW! Head over to @triumphlingerie to catch my takeover💪🏾 I’m getting ready to head to the Teatum Jones & Daks show, here’s my outfit for the day 💃🏾😎🎉. #TriumphLFW #Ad • • #lfw #fashionblogger #fashionweek #instafashion #ootd #wiwt #p

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This is was shot 10 seconds before #HugoHarrel threw his fist in the bowl, only to then smear the prune, carrots and apples puree onto his hair 🙈฀ (mine got saved by a very smart head swerve from yours truly, so you should know ฀😎) . The dessert got less lucky and ended up on the floor, and with all the carrot puffs crumbs stuffed in the cracks of the kitchen floor, just one lick of it would giv

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Gearing up for #LFW this morning courtesy of my very own @charliepresents caught, once again, throwing the best hang for @vestiaireco 🎉❤️ we had an amazing and restorative meditation session with @holidayphillips 🙏🏾 and I might have found my alter ego in this pair of earrings by @caralarga_mx you can find on @bespokeyourworld 🎉💃🏾 but genuinely feeling on cloud 9 cause it's sunny outside and I got

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Monday you're way too grey! 😑Has anyone checked the new @ted_baker #ColourByNumbers collection? 😍 I took you through a few pieces last Thursday on my Stories. I basically need the matching trousers for this jacket 🤓, there was a velvet suit that got some of you going cray cray in my DMs, well I need that one too 😂and this dress in navy 🙅🏾 #TedBaker #TedToToe 📷: @michaelatphotos

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#WeAreDenim 😎 @dollyalderton, @mybubbaandme and I hung out with the @mintvelvet guys to shoot their new denim campaign and had too much fun 😍 😎🎉 Check how we styled their mom, skinny and boyfriend jeans on mintvelvet.com (link in their bio) #ad

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#tbt to this sweet memory because we can't currently show off #HugoHarrel 🙈 That boy is so determined to learn to walk that he's covered in war bruises, we're scared we might lose custody 🙃😂 but no fall shall stop him 😅 He's such a strong and beautiful character, he's a whole person, and I can't believe that's where he started, already practicing his moonwalk back in my ribcage. Wishing my boobs

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo September 7

Your homeslice is on tour 😎 Yesterday morning we were hanging out with @redbulluk talking confidence and turning a side hustle into a full time career and today we're ('we' as in 'me' but there're plenty of us in my head innit 😜) with @birchboxuk x @oliverbonas hosting a #SHEUnleashed workshop, talking confidence, being your own best friend, writing mantras, setting your intentions and the fact t

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If you followed my stories last week, you might remember @stylistlive and I felt a bit sneaky and secretly filmed me trying to get a trim in London. So far no biggie I hear you say, except that I got turned down by most salons and that pissed off a lot of you in my DMs 🙈- even Hugo looked unimpressed 😑. I have a snippet of the video, you can watch the whole video (2:39mns) by clicking the link in

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Maybe she's dyed her hair, maybe she's wearing @bighair_nocare 😜💃🏾 either way she's your shopgirl for the daaaay - if you're near Brixton, want to hang and pimp your Afro, we're in @popbrixton everyday from 11-7pm but it's only me today so be decent and don't put your homeslice in the corner on such a sunny day 😂🎉😍☀️ (Hair reference: I'm wearing the No Stress Princess in ombré in 16" and no I have

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'Semper Femina' - "Woman is ever a fickle and changeable thing" 🤘🏾 (and if you like this t-shirt, let me add that it's a collaboration between @orwellausten and the charity @oursansar who commit to help the world's poorest communities to lift themselves out of poverty, they're currently working on creating inclusive and innovative projects in Nepal) 😘

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo September 1

Dripping in gold (and tapestry 😈) cause it's FriYAY! Have an amazing one everyone, and cross your fingers for me when you have a min - today might be huuuuge 💪🏾😎 (and now that I've written and manifested it, it has to right? 😜) 😘😘 • • #powersuit #afro #protectivestyles #instafashion #ootd

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Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction... or whatever cheesy quote that takes you through these days he barely looks at you 😂🙈 😜 • #motherandson #afro #protectivestyles

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 31

It’s quite sad that I have no qualms saying this, but my best fashion ally at the moment is that fluffly, dribbly little rugrat, #HugoHarrel! If he’s going white soles, then so am I 👟😎 (why are baby trainers SO damn cute though?!!) – next thing you know he has his own collection of power suits too (but he doesn’t think we’re ready yet 😐) In the meantime, our feet say it all: we’re the coolest gang

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 31

Did you guys get a copy of the @marieclaireuk September issue?? 😵 I first played it super cool cause I could feel I was getting super overwhelmed 😂 then I've had to have several glasses of champagne (as one does 😜) but I still can't believe I've made it to their Power List of the 30 online game-changers 😵Every day of this month they've celebrated one of us on their page and I'm so proud to close

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 30

On the to-do list for today but didn't happen, again: sitting in this little corner and read!! I keep buying books I'm too excited to read, I start lots of them but sometimes don't finish them for a while 🙈 when do you guys read? How many books a month do you read? I'm tempted to set myself a daily reminder to read 15mns 😎💪🏾 lots of room on my list, to start or to finish 😅or to read again: Sapiens

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 29

[On the blog - link in the bio] Setting my intentions for September (more gratitude, more mindfulness, accepting that slaps are part of the journey and learning to stand stronger to them 😅) and shopping for yet another power suit 💪🏾 the collection shall grow forever 😎😂 • #afro #instafashion #ootd #protectivestyles #powersuit

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My post-baby bladder can't take a 2-hour long queue for dirty toilets and I take pushing very personally for some reason so I've done the #nottinghillcarnival once 10 years ago and that was it 😂 but just because I can't do carnivals doesn't mean I can't dress up for one innit 😜😜💃🏾💃🏾🎉🎉 to you brave bunch on the streets right now, have an amazing time 🌈☀️ • • #afro #protectivestyles #instafashion #o

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Got myself a new scarf and a pair of earrings, they've got me feeling regal AF 😎 - just in time for Saturday night 🎉 (although IRL I'm off to bed now, just waiting for the sun to go down so it doesn't feel too pathetic 😂🙈) (Both earrings and scarf are @mango but you can't tag a brand twice 😑) • #ootd #instafashion #protectivestyles #headwrap #afro

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Our very own #HugoHarrel just turned 9 months 🎉😭 He's now known the world longer than my womb 🙏🏾, and he's already making big plans - not so much of domination, they're more destruction plans, starting with our living room (our sofas are covered with dribble, but don't mention it to @tom_harrel, he gets upset 😂). He said his other plan was to out-fro me by 2018, then he smugly said he'd do it with

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 23

Call me keen but I put my party dress on at 9 am this morning 😂🎉 we're kicking off our first @bighair_nocare events, starting with the rugrats in an hour and this evening we're popping out the Prosecco and getting our hair did! We're basically having a day-long party so mama had to dress up innit 😏😎😍💃🏾🎉 Thanks so much for all the wedding anniversary wishes, they made our daaaaaay 😍😍 • #protectives

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 22

2 years ago today we had our first #WeddingDay 😍🎉 (yeah we had two, that's how you get to claim two anniversary presents for the rest of your life - where do you think #HugoTheScammer is from? 😏), we dressed like kings and queens, we played Happy Together by the Turtles, we drank and danced, we said YES, we had amazing Cameroonian and Nigerian food (but we drank some more, finished up in Mac Donal

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 20

Not sure if it's the pebbles (a loooot of them), the fresh sea air or the fact that you could get a 5 bedroom house for the price of a London bedsit (I think that's the last straw), but the Kentish coast seems to have converted our snotty #HugoHarrel - Kent: 1 💪🏾 Kennington: 0 🙃

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 19

[🎉EVENT ALERT🎉] so excited to announce we're finally kicking off our @bighair_nocare events! September is round the corner so we're soon back to work but also back to school! Confidence with our young curly-haired ones start with the affirmation that their crown is gorgeous and they also need to see heroes who look like them! So our first event called No More Tears is focusing on our bundles of jo

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 16

So happy to have checked out of London for one night! Currently in Cheltenham with @avedauk rediscovering them really! @tom_harrel now refers to me as #FreddieInHerThirties (I joined the top dog gang last month 😎) because I'm making drastic changes everywhere and basically say yes to everything thats going to make me feel at my best (but by that he also means I've become a bit of a douche, which i

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 14

[WANTED] Our CEO of @bighair_nocare #HugoHarrel is looking for a retail supervisor (senior experience only please) for our @popbrixton shop (the coolest squad really 😏) to start next week - email freddie@freddieharrel.com with CV and cover letter 😘😘

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 11

When you've wrapped up a ridiculously tough week with kickass meetings just in time to start the weekend feeling like you might actually have this 😝! G&T anyone?!! 💃🏾😎😍❤️ (and thanks to the amazing ladies who turned my day into success because it's always a squad of women, isn't it?! 😜 @afropopgirl @themisssophie @clarisselibene) . --- #FreddieSoloCareer #SheUnleashed #ootd #afro #afrohair #prote

 @freddieharrel on Instagram photo August 10

Wrapping up a day of fun with @no7uk 💃🏾💃🏾 we talked about our personal relationship with make up and its evolution, we discussed its impact with confidence and feminism - it was so interesting and I can't wait to have that conversation with you guys but it'll all be revealed next month.. *ta ta* (that's how suspense sounds in my head , Law & Order style 😜 omg who remembers Law & Order???) Hope you

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Mural que dejé pintado en La Boca. Un honor haber formado parte de la 3° edición de @color_ba, junto a artistas que admiro. Tremendas jornadas de pintura al lado de capos del street art. Gracias @collagelab por la invitación. Gracias a mi novia por la segunda que me hizo hoy pintando. También a toda la gente de producción que la rompieron y a la enorne cantidad de gente que saca y se saca fotos

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Orders packed and a stack of prints are ready for the @odditiesfleamarket happening this weekend in Brooklyn! 🖤 Can't wait at all. I'll be selling my wares along with @burialground jewelry with @jamiemooers. Come by the Brooklyn Bazaar from 12-6 on Saturday & Sunday and say hello! There are so many talented people involved in this event, don't miss it if you're in the area. Just a reminder: Tee sh

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Dando aquele olhar maygo com #BatomRose da @brutavaresppf que vende na @tblogs ! Amo!❤🙏 Vocês estão preparadas para as fotos de amanhã? Pq eu não tô!😂 Manas, Tamo quase batendo 101k, vocês são muito maravipupas mesmo!!! 😭😍

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Você está se preparando para a primeira fase da OAB? Então fique esperto! Conheça o programa de coaching da @adverum.se para o Exame de Ordem! . Bem, sabemos que o tempo de preparação para o Exame de Ordem é curto, e que muitos candidatos o prestam quando ainda estão na faculdade, trabalhando, escrevendo TCC... Isso acaba comprometendo os 3 turnos do aluno, gerando a necessidade de encaixar da mel

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Save the date!!! Pessoal, dia 07 de outubro vou fazer um workshop para compartilhar com vocês sobre os desafios de manter o corpo perfeito com equilíbrio físico e mental. Ao meu lado uma equipe de profissionais maravilhosos que irão dar dicas preciosas para alcançarmos nossos objetivos com saúde! O coach @rodolfocoach coach, o fundador da premium life @doutordoc, meu personal trainer querido @xand

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@Regrann from @pamungkasragil_ - “Memang terkadang diam bisa menjadi jawaban paling tepat.” (Ali bin Abi Thalib ra.) | “Siapa yang menahan lidahnya pasti Allah menutupi auratnya, siapa yang dapat menahan amarahnya pasti Allah melindunginya dari siksaNya, dan siapa meminta ampun kepada Allah, Dia pasti menerima permohonan ampunannya.“ (HR. Ibnu Abi Dunya) #vector #art #islam #islamituindah #quotes

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Iniciaremos nossos atendimentos na Clinica Torelli a partir do dia 26/09 . Agendamento para consultas Whats 950889555 ou tel 30440228 . 😉

32k กระเป๋า ถุงผ้าแบรนด์แท้💯% @1000bagbrand on Instagram photo September 25
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👒PRADA 1,950 แท้💯 #ส่งฟรีems ***มีถุงผ้า *** 🌲งานพรีเมี่ยมกิ้ฟ จากเคาเตอร์ต่างประเทศคะ 🐼รุ่น Limited edition ค่า กระเป๋าอเนกประสงค์ จากแบรนด์ PRADA เป็น กระเป๋าผ้าไนล่อน ตามแบบฉบับของแบรนด์เลย หลงรักเลยคะ สะพายไหล่ได้ ถือก็สวยๆ ใช้แล้วสวยมากๆคุ้มเกินราคารับประกัน. สายสะพายไหลยาว 28cm แถมสายสะพายแบบ cross body ได้ยาว 52cm ปรับได้ free size ค่ะ. ขนาด กว้าง 15cm ยาว 42cm สูง 27 cm. .............

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✨🍓✨🍓 💥Follow these Amazing account's 💥 Model: 💁 @intoxik8ing Gallery: 🎆 @h_u_n._t_e_r Follow my back up account as well if you want to see more amazing pictures @strawberries.and.cream_ @strawberries.and.cream_